Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday, May 25 2018 - Lovin' This Yard Sale Stuff

Happy Memorial Weekend! I started the weekend off right by checking out the yard sales here on the island that have already started. I love it when I can walk away feeling like I did good...and I think I did!

The biggest sale was at the Kiwanis Barn Sale across from the carnival grounds. I started off there and ended up going back as soon as I roamed the island looking for more yard sales. This one was the best. They were almost giving this stuff away. This first piece it when the ladies are hot and tired and just want to get rid of things...this was 5 buckaroos.

Don't mind all the mismatched furniture...going to redo all of it soon except the table and chairs - they're staying black.

Next assortment of things that were either a dollar or 50 cents with the exception of the tray which I bought from another yard sale for $2.

Next up, two perfectly fine lamps. She wanted $14 for both; I talked her down to $12...this was at another yard sale. The Kiwanis would have probably given it to me for a dollar each, lol. These have silver bodies but am going to redo them with the farmhouse look for my bedroom just haven't had time to think about what I want to do. One option was to pain them white, then distress...another option is to wrap sisal rope around them...just haven't gotten that far yet.

This below was $5 and I'm going to use it on the deck. I do want to get some sealer so it can withstand the elements but I thought it was rather cute. Will match my wicker furniture real well.

More finds. Working chicken clock for $1. White basket with flowers $1. Little jar to the back I think that was a quarter. You Make Me Happy sign - 50 cents. Primitive box to the right 50 cents. Big jar on left - $1. Wagon 50 cents. Big Chicken 50 cents and Little Chicken a quarter. The other two signs they were 2 for 50 cents. Get'em have made my day.

Lastly, the guy asked me to make him an offer. I suggested $5.00 and he took it. It's in rough shape but I'll just paint it and put it somewhere.

I had to go home. I couldn't get another thing in the Jeep and I had used the bathroom twice and still had to go and I was starving. Not a bad day!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 13 - Farmhouse Finds, Antique & Goodwill Deals

Had a great day yesterday! It was at least in the upper 80s probably higher and it felt so good. Did most of my scoring at Goodwill (hit two of them).

This first one I couldn't pass up. I need to get a candle for it, but this was only $3 and goes so well with my farmhouse theme:

Also at Goodwill, two 10 in. Pfaltzgraff brown folk art bowls for $2 each. Not sure whether to use it for everyday use or keep it back. It has some age by the condition of the back. Looking it up in google right now. The thing is most of the ones I'm finding don't have the circles inside the sides of them. Omg found one on Etsy just now. Vintage item from the 80s. Might be a pasta bowl. Etsy is selling them for $30 each.

Okay, found a cute little shelf I'm going to redo. I'm always on the lookout for shelves. This one cost $4 and came from an antique store somewhere in Delaware - sorry didn't make note of the name of the store.

This is a spinning wheel maybe? Goodwill find for $4. The thing is...I hated the greenery - looked cheap and very fake. Took all that off (see second picture) and whoa really looks pretty bare. Don't know if I should find real-looking greenery to put back on it or just refinish it and use it as is. Looks like it's missing something though. It's 23 1/2 (height) x 17 inches (length). I'm not sure if it's vintage...don't some research on it now but will have to get back with you on that.

Love my new pip berry weeping willow! I've seen these in stores and can't remember the prices but Amazon is selling them for about $15. I need to rearrange the branches a bit...think it went through a bit of handling in the bin at Goodwill but so glad I found it. It's about 14 inches and I got it for $3. The one on Amazon has a wooden base where this has a miniature washtub base with handles so that might up the price a bit.

New chicken...errr...rooster? I'm starting to get a little more picky when buying my chickens and roosters and only choose those that are different. This is very different from what I have. No markings on bottom. 5 inches and I think I paid about $10 for it at an antique store...I usually don't spend that much but again it was different.

I break my rule on buying chickens that are different when it comes to the miniature ones because I don't have many of these and I need them to put on shelves. Antique store find. No markings on bottom. 3 inches and cost a whole buck.

Last but not least, Charlotte! Terra cotta I think.7 inch by 4 inch. Goodwill find for $3. Succulent hasn't been placed in it permanently yet - trying to cut some of the stem off but a Hobby Lobby buy for $7.99 (ugh).

I want to also include a picture of something I found at Dollar General the other day for $3. Flowers I already had on hand.

I hope everyone is having a Happy Mother's Day! Until next time...