Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday, March 18 - Rumford Antique Bottles #rumford #antique #bottlecollectors

Two posts in one day - my my my it must be going to snow tomorrow. That was my grandmother's saying and she usually said it during the summer months so it basically meant something that's not going to happen.

So this bottle popped up on my sink today and if I put it up there, I'm really losing it because I don't remember. Although...I was cleaning out the downstairs bathroom cabinet and found another jar down there that I posted about Friday; maybe this was in there too Lord only knows.'s the jar:

It says Rumford across the top and is 4 3/4 inches tall and has a 12 on the bottom. According to what I'm finding out about it, it is a baking powder jar or something similar which is surprising as I would have thought it was an old medicine bottle? It is aqua in color and has a few bubbles on the inside. It was probably made in the late 1800s or early 1900s. What a find.

I found this on the Internet:

Looks just like my jar without the label. So we're talking Rumford Chemical Works from Providence, R.I.

The history behind the company was that an American by the name of Benjamin Thompson of Woburn, Massachusetts escaped from 'political complications' by moving to England in 1754. He joined the English army until 1784 and then entered the service of the Elector of Bavaria. For the next fourteen years, Benjamin was investigating ways of supplying nutritious foods for the state at the lowest costs possible. Because of his contributions, he was knighted 'Count Rumford.' Sometime after 1800, he founded the Rumford Professorship of Chemistry at Harvard University and this is where an Eben N. Horsford served as Rumford Professor from 1847 to 1863. Eben then met George Wilson in 1853 and the two started Rumford Chemical Works in 1856 and incorporated the company in 1859.

Wilson served at business manager and Horsford was in charge of producing the chemicals. Their most popular product was Horsfords Acid Phosphate of which the tonic was patented on March 10 1868, over a hundred years ago. This same product continued being produced well into the 1940s. You would add one teaspoon of product and mix it with a glass of water and some sugar and it would resemble lemon lime drink. This was used for mental and nervous exhaustion.

So in a way it could be a medicine bottle, huh?

The bottles started out a clear glass but when they found out that the content would become calcified when stored for long periods of time, they ended up changing the color of the glass to teal blue in a unique eight sided shape bottle (never seen one of them yet). The rarer of colors came in deep olive, green and aqua (I would say mine was aqua).

By the 1900s the teal blue bottles were eliminated and the machine made bottles were produced in a light green and a brilliant green color. Eventually the embossing disappeared and the company went to paper labels. If you find one that is embossed with the letter W, that would stand for George F. Wilson.

Other products they produced were Rumford's Baking Powder (seems to me I remember this from my grandmother's cabinet but this was in a tin), Rumford's Yeast Powder and Rumford's Phosa. These bottles were unembossed and was just registered on the heel of the bottle (like mine with the 12 on the bottom).

On eBay, they're selling for about $20 on down.

Sunday, March 18 2018 - Farmhouse Decorating! #farmhouse #farmhousefinds #hobby lobby #kirkland's

Good Sunday morning!

It's still cold on the island. Barometer reading 40 on the deck at 10:52 in the morning. Where is spring? Actually, I've been loving winter because I've been inside doing a little redoing. I'd like to show you my work in progress. It's one of the accent walls in the living room:

I got the Farmhouse sign at Hobby Lobby for about $15 I think and the two baskets at the same place for about the same each. The two shelf thingees and the chickens, etc., on the shelves all came from Dollar Genera. The shelves were $6 each and the chickens and pig were about a dollar. I believe the two what they call 'planters' in the middle was about $1.50. Now...the picture in the's a better pic:

There, that's a little better. This came from Kirkland's for about $39. The roof of the barn is basically 3D...really neat to look at in person.

Like I said, it's a work in progress. I'm going to eventually turn all the walls into accent walls with the farmhouse theme. Looking forward to getting more farmhouse items.

Yesterday, I slipped in Hobby Lobby. I knew I was on a limited budget and wanted to buy the whole store so it was frustrating! I did come away with these two items:

Cow picture! I think I paid about $15 for this at Hobby Lobby and I also got this:

This was about $10 I think. My whole purchase was about $25 so I did good!

I've got this last one on another accent wall all by its lonesome but plan on adding more things to the wall as I go along. The hunt is part of the fun!

Hope you have a nice Sunday!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday, March 18 2018 - Antique Jar Find: Lustre Canning Jars by R.E. Tongue Bros.

I love finding out the history of anything old! I've just recently got into antiques. All my life I have loved them but never had the respect of these things until a few months ago. I am a busy beaver on the lookout for just the right kind of antiques and only looking for things in particular. I don't want to become the old lady with those dusty knick knacks that no one other than the owner loves.

While cleaning out my downstairs bathroom under the sink cabinet, I found an old jar I've had for years. I didn't see the top but I know I have it somewhere. I thought it was a Mason jar, but observing it closer, it's not. It says Lustre on the side of it and was made by R.E. Tongue & Bros. out of Philadelphia.

The company was located at Allegheny Ave. & Amber St. They were in business around circa 1910-1920s. They were known for "Lustre" products especially canning jars. The family was from England but eventually migrated to Pennsylvania. Eventually, the company was put up for sale and was bought by a Chicago firm. They only lasted one or two years and then went bankrupt.

Here is the jar I've had for years and don't really know where I got it but my suspicion is that I dug it up somewhere in the woods. This jar probably dates to the early 1900s.

What's interesting about these jars is that all ball or blue jars are not Mason jars.  Mason jars are not a brand but a type of glass container.1937 was the last year a blue Ball Mason jar was made. This means that any authentic blue Ball Mason jar is at least 77 years old. The blue color was partially caused by the minerals of the sand on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Also, according to the Internet, here are the details on these particular jars. My jar fits number 3.

1. Lustre (machine made, aqua, 3 sizes, glass lid/wire bail) (diagram/emboss on front looks rectangular) 15 - 20

2. Lustre (handmade, aqua, 3 sizes, zinc lid) (diagram/emboss looks like a keystone) 15 - 20

3. Lustre (machine made, aqua, clear, 3 sizes, sinc lid) (diagram/emboss is in a circle pattern 12 -15

Interesting, huh?

On a side note, you can find out more about antique bottles, glass, jars, etc at

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 25 2018 - I've Been Bit by the Farmouse Bug #farmhouse #hobbylobby

Well, I've been bit by the farmhouse bug. I don't want to confuse you - I still live by the ocean on an island as a matter of fact, but my island kitchen is about to be turned into a farmhouse kitchen. Have you been to a Hobby Lobby? Omg if you haven't and you like decorating with the farmhouse theme, you have got to go. I don't even know how I got started, but if I back up, here's what happened.

Christmas. I decorate for Christmas but this year something came over me. Like I was really into it and the more I decorated, I could see a theme about to be born. I've been living on the island maybe ten years and all this time I thought it was appropriate to decorate with beachy stuff. Every time I would go to the Outer Banks of NC, I would pick up a really neat shell for my curio cabinet or signs to put on the walls of my office. Well my office is slowly becoming a junk room since I moved downstairs in the corner of my living room with all my work stuff and I wanted to make the living room a feel good room. After the holidays, I thought I would change up and make sure I decorated for all the seasons. I'm talking pictures on the wall, stuff in my curio cabinet, knick knacks, that sort of thing.

Well...I bought this rocking horse to set by the Christmas tree and the more it sat, the more determined I was going to make it a permanent fixture in my living room. It was a wooden rocking horse that looked so cute and I couldn't bare to take it out when I took down the Christmas tree. When the tree came down, I moved the rocking horse over to in front of the mantle.

Then QVC had a sale going on for this cutest heater. It was shaped like a lantern and had the candle up top and the heater below it and it stood almost 3 feet. I got it in white and boy did it add some zing to the living room.

And then...I found out about this farmhouse theme of decorating. Because I wanted it to be my own style since I had to live with it and in it, I thought I'd go with the farmhouse modern style. In other words, only certain antiques would be allowed in and it would be mainly farmhouse stuff I'd bring in for now. I'll see how that goes.

I wondered if people would think I was crazy. Here I lived in a townhouse by the beach and I was about to turn my kitchen for starters into a farmhouse kitchen.

So, off to Hobby Lobby I went to begin my search for just the right things to fill it. Here's what I found:

 This is my pride and joy. I'm in a hotel right now so this is the bathroom but I'm going to put it in just the right spot in my kitchen when I get home.

Even the cashier noted how cute this was and wasn't even aware that was in there. I'm going to find a good spot for this.

Now this I didn't get at Hobby Lobby but can't wait to go back in there and see what they do have, but this came from a little antique shop in Laurel, Delaware. I think the shop was called In the Attic or something like that. Btw, I only paid $3 for this.

So now I see a theme being born. Chickens and cows without making the kitchen gawdy. I'll be picking up more of these tin boxes but only those with cows or chickens on it and grouping them together on my shelves by the sink.

It's starting to come together. When I find homes for all these guys, I'll take a picture. Tomorrow I'm going back to Hobby Lobby...I spotted a clock that would look perfect in there...just hope no one grabs it before I get there!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December 21 2017 - Unusual Christmas Trees #Christmas #tistheseason #Christmas2017 #boomerchick

I have a story. Years ago when I was but a wee lass, my sister and I were living with my grandmother and we were what I would call hard up. My grandmother tried her best but she was alone trying to raise two children all over again on an LPN's wages. She had a mortgage and was paying on a car to get her back and forth to the hospital so times were a bit tough. One year I decided to take it upon myself to go into the woods to the back of the house and cut down a Christmas tree. There were no cedars, which we usually used. They were all pine trees. But I didn't care. It was getting close to Christmas and I wanted to be the one to get the tree this year. I was only 12, but I knew what was going on. I found the tree and although I was quite proud of it, pine tree needles started dropping and it was then I discovered that people usually didn't use pine trees. But it was okay. We got through it like we did all Christmases.

It made me wonder if there were other Charlie Brown-ish trees out there and the more and more I looked, I found some quite unusual Christmas trees...

December 20 2017 - Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December 19 2017 - Christmas 2017 at the Boomer Chick's House #Christmas #boomerchick

I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away. My my my. What are my thoughts right now as I'm juggling a mental list of food I still need to get, have I bought enough presents for everyone and will I actually be ready in six days? Ugh. Too little time, but like in Christmas pasts, it'll get done and before you know it, spring will be here and summer and then Christmas rolls around again. Time sure has a way of doing that. You would think that after all the Christmases I have had, the holidays would get old after awhile and there for a few years Christmas was really rough - emotionally and financially - but for me anyway at the point I am now Christmas is magical. I am appreciating each day I have left on this earth whether it's Christmas or an ordinary day when nothing really major is going on. I have to because you don't know if a car can strike you down or you get some incurable disease - you just never know. So as long as I have my health and I have my wits about me, this is the way I'm approaching life and not taking any day for granted.

With that said, I thought I'd share a few Christmas pics with you:

Sunday, December 17, 2017

December 17 2017: Embracing Winter Like a Trooper

So instead of winter coming in like a lamb, it roared in like a lion. We've had snow flurries and it actually did stick to cars for a little while but then melted. I used to hate winter with a passion. I'm a summer baby. Whenever cold frigid air hits, I'm down for the count so I try not to get out in it too much. You can't help it with the Christmas season here and you have to finish your gift-giving responsibilities, but dang last night it hit me. Started out with a sore throat but I took an Alke-Seltzer Cold & Flu pill...actually it was dissolved in water...and slept like a baby. Highly recommended.

I think I'm all decorated. Put up a few finishing touches last night - added the lighted garland to the back steps, plopped some batteries in the little wreath I put on the back door and turned that on. I guess I'm through buying anything else to decorate with.

But back to being a summer baby and hating winter. Last year, I tried something. I decided to embrace winter instead of dreading it. And you know - it worked (mentally). I had a bad bad case of winteritis before, you have to understand. So I'm really proud of myself for being able to switch gears and appreciate the seasons for what it was. I can't live in Florida or Arizona so it is what it is.

But you know, that was the best thing I ever did for myself. I live in an all-season area and have been missing out on the beauty of it all. Instead of closing my eyes when winter rolls around, I see the patterns the frost makes on the car windows. I watch how the weather has an effect on my summer plants (a slow murder). I am able to observe the ways the leaves change color and drop and you can admire the nakedness of the trees knowing in a few months they'll be full again. I now feel the crunch of frost on the grass and I love that feeling you get when you walk back into a warm house after a stroll in the crisp air.

One thing I do every day except for when it's too cold or raining is take Booder down to get the mail. I put his hoodie and coat on and let him do his thing in the yard, then we make the trek down to the mailbox. It's our daily walk, but it has spiritual connotations like you wouldn't believe. Just Booder and me. Sometimes the elderly neighbor is out and if it's warm enough, we stop and have a chat. He's a cool dude I'm telling you and when I grow up I want to be just like him. He's in his 80s and is as spry as anything you can think of. He's our neighborhood eyes. He sees all; knows all. He was one of the first people to move into these townhouses so he knows a lot of what goes on and takes great pleasure in telling me all about it which I devour like Cheez Whiz sandwiches. I love him.

Back to winter, though, the only thing that would make me hate winter again is if we had nonstop snow or the lights went out because of it or my heat pump went up. And of course I'm writing this in December which means we've only gotten a taste of winter so it's still all brand new so we'll see how this embracing thing goes.

But for now...I'm embracing winter and feeling really blessed I am able to do it.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Outer Banks Vacation 2017

My goodness I forgot to post pictures from my OBX vacation last month. We had a blast. Took the pooch, too! I'm telling you it was HOT but we had fun. Here are a few pictures. I have a fireworks video downloading at YouTube. As soon as it's finished, I'll post it.

Here Booder and I are at Morris' which is a humungous I want to call it fruit stand but I'm sure there's a better name for it. Like Booder's 4th of July hat?

Booder with his 4th of July outfit on. He was so cute!

Oh forgot to post this one! This was at Morris' with the friendly ice-cream ladies. Look at that face!

 Ronnie and Booder ;o)

Giving Booder lots of smooches!