Monday, January 28, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve lived in this house for 11 years. Before this house, I was moving from house to house, trying to keep a roof over my kids’ heads. One day while driving to work, I saw this little bungalow out on the highway with a For Rent sign out front. I phoned the number and got it.

All that has changed as of 8 p.m. tonight. The landlord has sold it to a carpenter who can fix it up and we have to move. By March 1.

Now, it wouldn’t be a problem if I had another house to move to. We live in an area where there’s a huge housing shortage as far as rentals go. We never bought a house here because I always planned on moving off this godforsaken peninsula and onto a better place – like the Smokies for instance. However, Smokies is out of the question because I couldn’t leave my son back here with his father as I would miss him terribly.

So, I’m sitting here completely in shock. Not good for a boomer babe.

The thing is I asked for this. Out loud. I should have known better not to give specifics. I should have said, “…and I’d like to know where I’m moving when I do move,” or “…at least give me more than a month to prepare.” But, no….didn’t think of that.

The moral of this story is…be careful what you wish for or when you wish for something, at least be specific.

I'll let you know what happens after this and I hope and pray there's a happy ending.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Body Parts Found on 911 Site Seven Years Later

This is the very reason why they should build NOTHING on the site but a memorial to those who perished...

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Taking a brain break

I have a problem. When it's your day off, and let's say you've had three of them in a row, and it's your last day off before you have to go to work in the offline world, do you catch up on online work because you know the next week is going to be horrendous fitting in finding tour stops, fielding calls from everyone under the sun and whatever other endless jobs I have on here or do you use that last day to take another brain break?

Not that I've been not taking brain breaks the previous two days as I think I've set a record posting in here two days in a row because brain break days are to be spent doing things that don't require a lot of concentration (think auto-pilot), but am I going to suffer for this later? Like when tours are supposed to be posted and I go oh shit it's not? Or, how about when the end of the month comes and you're freaking and sweating and cursing because you KNEW you wasted those three days taking brain breaks and you've got all that work ahead of you to do before tours go out?

I choose....

Well, I didn't choose chose me.

Take that picture up above. Don't stare at it too long because boy that woman is having a bad hair day if I ever saw one, but that me. Backside and all. Okay, too many brain breaks and diving into Dunkin Donuts but, hey, that's me in my glorified best taking Skylar out to the many many many many many rest stops we had to visit on our way to the Smokies last October.

So, I'm now a rest stop freak. I love them! I had more fun on the rest stops than anywhere!

And that's what taking brain breaks are all about. A simple thing like a rest stop can provide much fodder for blogposting.

If I weren't on a brain break, I'd probably be posting such mundane literature as how to get your book publicized, etc...but not today. Not on the last day of brain break week.

And, besides, Skylar will be talked about quite a bit in my blog because she is my GRAND-DAUGHTER. Okay, non-human grand-daughter, but this dog is the absolute bomb.

We bonded on that trip. I never thought it would happen as she loves my daughter dearly, but this trip was the absolute bomb because...she was there...and...we got to visit rest stops.

One rest stop had the oldest bridge in America...who would have thought? I took video and don't think I have pictures, but it was really really neat. I think they had to bring it from somewhere...don't know if they built the rest stop around it or not, but it was neat.

I love that bridge.

I love rest stops.


I love brain break days.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Manifesting Sunrises

It's funny how simple pictures can make a dramatic impact on your life once you really see them for what they are. Take this simple picture. It's a beautiful sunrise coming over the Smoky Mountains taken the second week of October '07.

I've had this picture in my files and when I wanted a different backdrop for the background on my monitor, I chose that one. My daughter had printed out this one and a couple others and put them in frames for her wall, and I have to admit they were beautiful.

But, even hanging there on the wall, I never really studied them.

This morning, I had gotten up after a particularly weird dream which left me such a fantastic mood, I can't even begin to explain it. I don't even remember the dream; only, I knew it left me with this manifesting feeling. And, when I saw this picture greeting me first thing in the morning, it only confirmed the fact that this sunrise was the last thing I saw before I went to bed.

Incidentally, I'm going to be representing Dyan Garris in March for her Manifesting Money book, and I don't know whether I had that on the brain or what, but I got up thinking how great I was going to make the rest of my life and the screensaver empowered this manifesting feeling.

Manifesting. Such a neat word. In the dictionary, it says, "tr.v. man·i·fest·ed, man·i·fest·ing, man·i·fests : To show or demonstrate plainly; reveal: "Mercedes . . . manifested the chaotic abandonment of hysteria" (Jack London)."

To show or demonstrate plainly.

Sometimes things manifest themselves and sometimes you need to make things manifest for you. In March, Dyan will show you how to make things manifest for you; in particular, making money, so that should be a really interesting tour.

Back to the picture, and why I believe it gives me manifesting power, is this.

If I stare at it long enough, I can bring back that time. Have you ever taken a picture and memories rushed back, taking you back to that time and place? But, some pictures really have an emotional impact on you because it makes you remember something that happened in your past that brought back feelings. Feelings of happiness. Feelings of joy. Feelings of self-worth.

Not all pictures will bring back those kinds of feelings but I want to concentrate right now on the ones that do.

If I go back and look at all the pictures I have taken over my lifetime, the ones that really have an impact on me are the ones in which my children are in or even childhood pictures of myself. They invoke emotional feelings.

So, I am surprised at how this picture of a sunrise over the Smoky Mountains can have such impact as my children are not in it, nor am I.

But...the thing is...some pictures are looked upon as something quite completely different and they are what I call manifesting pictures.

This picture "showed" or "manifested" power...power within me to do what I have to do to get what I want to get or go where I want to go.

I remember taking this picture on our last morning in the Smokies. The cabin was haunted to beat all. I had to sleep in one of the haunted rooms and believe me, I stayed up as late as I could and then woke up before the sun came up so that I could get out of that room.

I had to walk the dog before the sun came up because animals weren't allowed (you didn't hear it from me) so I hurriedly did that, poured me a fresh cup of coffee, and went out to the deck to smoke (wasn't allowed either).

I knew rain was coming as was forecasted, so the clouds were even lower than usual in the mountains, but when I first saw that sun peeking through, it was like The Higher Powers had opened up the doors.

I had been dying to go home because mainly the place was haunted, but it was like something came over me, sitting outside on the deck watching the sun peeking through the clouds with a brilliance only pictures can tell the whole story, and I sat there. Completely mesmorized.

It's something about the mountains that gives me reborn life. For some, it's the ocean, for others, the mountains and probably a million other things, but the mountains give me strength. That last morning, seeing this for the first time was what I needed. I had not been "feeling" it this go around. I had been to the mountains three other times in my life, and something was missing from this trip. I attributed it to the fact I'd already been there and seen just about all there was to see.

But, this picture...was a first.

Manifesting sunrises...starting each day with the feeling that today I'm going to make count.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Character Interview Blog to Promote Your Books

Jaime McDougall is looking for authors who would like more online exposure for their books. If you would like to increase exposure for your book, check out The Plot, a new character interview blog, at

“Basically, what I would like from all fiction authors is the book cover, a synopsis, an excerpt from the story, and the author’s interview of a character from the book. This will give the authors two or three days of content on the site.

Days are flexible, but I’d like to have one author on Monday/Tuesday and another on Thursday/Friday each week when/if possible.

Every Wednesday starting soon, I will be having ‘pub nights’ which are basically ‘come and chat’ type posts. I’ll be starting out on the first Wednesday with an author’s pub night, so people can see how it works without the added confusion of being a character. The next Wednesday will be a character pub night where an author can come as one of his/her characters (I’ve created the character ‘Rose’ to run the place and keep the focus on characters going throughout).

Pub nights will then flip back and forth between author nights and character nights. ‘Nights’ is figuratively speaking. The posts/’pub’ will be open for the week until the next ‘night’ is announced.

This will not only be a great place to publicize, but also to socialize."

If you have any questions, email Jaime at sylver1 (at)

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How do chickens crow?

Just crawled out of bed.
Tell me something. How does a chicken crow? I mean, you have chickens and you have roosters right? This fricking chicken that BF brought home from the hatchery where he works CROWS. So the chicken crows at sun up, the dogs go into how do I want to put that...well the noise you would make when you've got your foot in a trap and have to chew it off to get out...that kind of noise, so all three are doing that and BF is up calling his boss to see if he wants him to come in (he's thinking time and a half to help pay these bills good boy) and I finally go back to sleep and do you see what time it is? 12:20. Any of you actually get up normally?

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