Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Taking a brain break

I have a problem. When it's your day off, and let's say you've had three of them in a row, and it's your last day off before you have to go to work in the offline world, do you catch up on online work because you know the next week is going to be horrendous fitting in finding tour stops, fielding calls from everyone under the sun and whatever other endless jobs I have on here or do you use that last day to take another brain break?

Not that I've been not taking brain breaks the previous two days as I think I've set a record posting in here two days in a row because brain break days are to be spent doing things that don't require a lot of concentration (think auto-pilot), but am I going to suffer for this later? Like when tours are supposed to be posted and I go oh shit it's not? Or, how about when the end of the month comes and you're freaking and sweating and cursing because you KNEW you wasted those three days taking brain breaks and you've got all that work ahead of you to do before tours go out?

I choose....

Well, I didn't choose chose me.

Take that picture up above. Don't stare at it too long because boy that woman is having a bad hair day if I ever saw one, but that me. Backside and all. Okay, too many brain breaks and diving into Dunkin Donuts but, hey, that's me in my glorified best taking Skylar out to the many many many many many rest stops we had to visit on our way to the Smokies last October.

So, I'm now a rest stop freak. I love them! I had more fun on the rest stops than anywhere!

And that's what taking brain breaks are all about. A simple thing like a rest stop can provide much fodder for blogposting.

If I weren't on a brain break, I'd probably be posting such mundane literature as how to get your book publicized, etc...but not today. Not on the last day of brain break week.

And, besides, Skylar will be talked about quite a bit in my blog because she is my GRAND-DAUGHTER. Okay, non-human grand-daughter, but this dog is the absolute bomb.

We bonded on that trip. I never thought it would happen as she loves my daughter dearly, but this trip was the absolute bomb because...she was there...and...we got to visit rest stops.

One rest stop had the oldest bridge in America...who would have thought? I took video and don't think I have pictures, but it was really really neat. I think they had to bring it from somewhere...don't know if they built the rest stop around it or not, but it was neat.

I love that bridge.

I love rest stops.


I love brain break days.

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  1. granddog.
    brain break days. We all need them.

  2. LOL, thank you, MotherPie. Grand-dog! Why didn't I think of that..maybe...I had the brain break thing going on? *grin*

    Incidentally, that was so sad about the blogging sad..I was immobile for hours.

  3. They are also called mental health days. Enjoy it. You've more than earned the break.

  4. Brain breaks/mental health days are great. I've sort of had one today. It's been great. :)

    By the way...

    You've been tagged. :)

    Check out "I Am Writer, Hear Me Roar" for details.

  5. I promise you...I HAVE been at that rest stop!

  6. Oh, Skylar looks like a real cutie! Good dogs and brain breaks...what more do you need, really? :)

  7. Rest stops along the highway are great. Oregon has done a real good job with them and it looks like we will get to check them out on our way south to Arizona next month. It will probably only be a 3 week trip but I am sure looking forward to it! I'm tired of rain and cold temps.

  8. The light that I leave you is of the color of my life...)

    Leave a comment:)

  9. Absolutely necessary, girlfriend! Not only mental health days but "artist dates" as Julia Cameron calls them. To be creative and productive, you need breaks and fun. Enjoy!


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