Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Character Interview Blog to Promote Your Books

Jaime McDougall is looking for authors who would like more online exposure for their books. If you would like to increase exposure for your book, check out The Plot, a new character interview blog, at

“Basically, what I would like from all fiction authors is the book cover, a synopsis, an excerpt from the story, and the author’s interview of a character from the book. This will give the authors two or three days of content on the site.

Days are flexible, but I’d like to have one author on Monday/Tuesday and another on Thursday/Friday each week when/if possible.

Every Wednesday starting soon, I will be having ‘pub nights’ which are basically ‘come and chat’ type posts. I’ll be starting out on the first Wednesday with an author’s pub night, so people can see how it works without the added confusion of being a character. The next Wednesday will be a character pub night where an author can come as one of his/her characters (I’ve created the character ‘Rose’ to run the place and keep the focus on characters going throughout).

Pub nights will then flip back and forth between author nights and character nights. ‘Nights’ is figuratively speaking. The posts/’pub’ will be open for the week until the next ‘night’ is announced.

This will not only be a great place to publicize, but also to socialize."

If you have any questions, email Jaime at sylver1 (at)

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