Thursday, February 11, 2010

this is my rant about snow and stupid people who don't care

Before I go off the deep end, watch this....

This was on I-64 going from Williamsburg to Richmond I think, but before I get on with my rant, I want to tell you about I-64. It. Is. Treacherous. Even in perfect driving conditions. People living over there might be used to it and I remember living in Newport News years and years ago, I did get somewhat used to it, but now? Fuggetaboutit. These people are maniacs. To hear my daughter talk about it, in order to keep up with the maniacs, you have to be one. So, driving 85 on a 55 mph highway is the norm.

However, on this day, people were going slower than normal. It was a blizzard out there. A freak blizzard that no one really knew was going to happen on top of the other snowstorms we've had on the east coast in the last two weeks. If I ever ever ever say I would love some snow, kick me, punch me, bury me.

So here's my rant.

My daughter works at a nursing home. But this nursing home is about 45 minutes away and in order to get to this nursing home, you have to travel through town, across the 5 mile causeway, then another 5 miles on 175 by NASA, then another 20 minutes to a half hour before you get to work.

Doesn't sound like all that - people commute all the time - but when you have a blizzard going on, is that safe to expect people to come in from that far?

I understand the need for people to be there. The residents have to be looked after; I understand that. But to tell someone you better get to work or you'll be fired? Not in those words but they're out there. So she calls out one time before and they basically tell her you have to get here. This time, it was the biggest snowfall I have seen in the area since I've been here. She's crying and all that to someone over their heads, then feels like she's lost her job because she didn't go in.

So, yesterday, she has cabin fever anyway and we're hearing snow is coming but all it really looks like is light snow with wind. Well, the wind ended up turning this light snow into an official blizzard. Only, she feels safe enough at the time to leave. About an hour or two after she's gone, the wind starts howling. Visibility on the causeway becomes nill. I'm calling her and she's saying she's going to do a hall pass, then leave, and I tell her no way in hell can she make it. I told her to make some other arrangements - find a hotel or something - because it's not safe.

I call her later and she tells me she's in Temperanceville going 20 mph.

I call her again and she doesn't answer.

Well, what do you think is going through my mind?

She ended up going slow and determined to make it home and she did, but....and this was the reason for the rant...take a look at that video up there. Do you think these people were out joy riding? No, they were on their way to jobs that required them to be there or they'd be fired. What kind of crock of bull is that? I know we all need our jobs but for god's sake, are we going to risk our lives to get there and for what? To be in accidents and god forbid you died and then what?

Just frosts my cookies.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ellen Degeneres makes debut on American Idol

Did anyone catch the infamous Ellen on American Idol last night? It was a scream! She sat down beside Simon and said, "Well if this isn't something. I'm coming and you're leaving," and Simon broke out in the biggest grin.

But all in all, she did a fantastic job. I do miss Paula, but Ellen is kicking it!

I did see a few hopefuls last night and can't wait to watch it tonight. It was sad to see the little Tennessee girl go home - first time away from home and had her heart set on making it. Lots of tears as lots went home but they let a lot go through to Hollywood who I knew weren't going to make it.

But Hollywood Week was pretty good last night. Here are some highlights:

Can't wait for the show tonight!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's No Business Like Snow Business

I've not written in a few days. Life is back to normal. I didn't attend the funeral for the strangest reasons but I really wanted to go. No one knows who got any of her possessions or at least BF isn't letting me in on it. C'est la vie. When the time is right, he'll tell me.

It snowed its arse off here a few days ago. There is still snow everywhere. My daughter got stuck in a 3 foot snowbank thinking it was straight road behind the condos where we live. Silly girl.

Of course, we didn't have a shovel. Who needs a shovel in a place that never gets snow? So, I took a garbage can lid and tried to use that as a shovel, used my boot to kick away some of it and also untilized a broom. It was slow going.

She called her father who came over and told her to do the old forwards backward thing and she got out.

The next day, I went out and made a snow heart with the words "I love snow" in the middle. Thought it was cute. Took pictures but of course I need help downloading them so it'll be awhile until I can get them up here.

I also hear it's going to be another snowfall coming this weekend. Now...I do "I love snow" know how it is when you see your grandma for the first time after many many years then after awhile she gets downright annoying? That's how it is.

Secretly, I do love the white stuff. It was beautiful this go around. Powdery. Didn't make good snow for snowmen or snowballs, but it was really neat. Perfect for those 3 foot snowbanks and was higher in other places.

I took a walk on the dock the next day and the water was just breaking up. Looked like a million iceburgs floating in the water. Took pictures.

Well back to work, but I wanted to let everyone know Boomer Chick is doing just fine.