Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday, March 18 2018 - Farmhouse Decorating! #farmhouse #farmhousefinds #hobby lobby #kirkland's

Good Sunday morning!

It's still cold on the island. Barometer reading 40 on the deck at 10:52 in the morning. Where is spring? Actually, I've been loving winter because I've been inside doing a little redoing. I'd like to show you my work in progress. It's one of the accent walls in the living room:

I got the Farmhouse sign at Hobby Lobby for about $15 I think and the two baskets at the same place for about the same each. The two shelf thingees and the chickens, etc., on the shelves all came from Dollar Genera. The shelves were $6 each and the chickens and pig were about a dollar. I believe the two what they call 'planters' in the middle was about $1.50. Now...the picture in the's a better pic:

There, that's a little better. This came from Kirkland's for about $39. The roof of the barn is basically 3D...really neat to look at in person.

Like I said, it's a work in progress. I'm going to eventually turn all the walls into accent walls with the farmhouse theme. Looking forward to getting more farmhouse items.

Yesterday, I slipped in Hobby Lobby. I knew I was on a limited budget and wanted to buy the whole store so it was frustrating! I did come away with these two items:

Cow picture! I think I paid about $15 for this at Hobby Lobby and I also got this:

This was about $10 I think. My whole purchase was about $25 so I did good!

I've got this last one on another accent wall all by its lonesome but plan on adding more things to the wall as I go along. The hunt is part of the fun!

Hope you have a nice Sunday!


  1. Love your farmhouse decorations looks so homey.

  2. Awww thank you! It's a work in progress believe me!


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