Monday, December 17, 2018

Monday, December 17 2018 - My Grown-Up Christmas List

Close your eyes. No, wait, don't or you won't be able to read this but read this, then close your eyes...

Think back to when you were a child. What was the most important thing in the world aside from Christmas vacation? The coveted Christmas list. Without it, how did Santa know what to bring? You couldn't trust anyone to know this, not even Santa. I mean, what if you weren't exactly good during the year? What if you had those few slipups that really wasn't all that bad (to you anyway) but warranted a stand in the corner?

Fast forward. You're all grown up now and may even have kids of their own with their own Christmas lists. Grown ups get the shaft. We might feel silly but we need our own Christmas lists to remind our dear loved family just what would jingle our bells.

So I thought it might be helpful if I made my own Christmas list, not that anyone will see it, but just for fun and not real crazy just in case the family does pop in to get ideas on what to give me this year.

Here goes....

1. Farmhouse Lamps. Okay these come in various sizes and shapes and all that so I'll be specific. Lantern base with a tin-looking lampshade. Two of each to be exact. If said family doesn't know what I'm talking about, they are welcome to ask me.

2. Pajama Pants. Extra large not that I'm big or anything like that *snort* I like to not feel something squishing my insides while I sleep. Any style. Any color.

3. Victoria Secrets lotion. Man, this stuff is the bomb. I wash my face with it every morning and every night. Keeps me looking like a young chick you understand, not that that matters but hey I'm not ready for the old prune stage just yet.

And that's it. See? I don't ask for a lot.

Now, if I had my druthers, I'd also ask for this:

1. A trip to the mountains. Now..this is extravagant and I don't have anyone extravagant in my family to actually send me to the Smokies cost-free, but hey if there's a Santa....

2. Good will toward men. Okay corny as shit but it would be really a nice thing to give to me that I could pass on to others and hopefully we'll all be singing What a Wonderful World before 2019.

3. A self-cleaning house. Hm...think that's also called a maid. Woohoo what I could get done without having to clean on top of that.

4. A cure for smoking. Just can't quit...hey I've tried patches, cold turkey, nothing works.

5. Best of all - someone to cook my Christmas dinner, wrap my presents and watch the animals while I'm trail-blazing in the Smokies.

My list could go on but as you know I have work to do online, a house to clean, animals to tend to, supper to cook, unbought gifts to buy.....

What is on your grown-up Christmas list?


  1. Love your grown up Christmas list. I have a few of those things on mine too.
    Especially the trip to the Smokeys and the self cleaning house :)


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