Friday, November 23, 2018

Thursday, November 22 2018 - Why Aren't I Writing?

As a writer which I aptly call myself to a great degree, I often wonder why I don't stop what I am doing no matter if it's mandatory deadlines or shooting the breeze with my Maltese and watching some often-boring show on TV and write.

I'm not talking about over the course of your life writing which I have done, but now writing. Writing now. At this minute now. Blog-writing now. Twitter and Facebook has changed all that.

People who used to blog years ago remember it. It's when you could write about anything you like, go on as long as you like and have the thrill of watching people comment on your writing. It's changed. Unless you have a specific focus on your blog such as a book blog, that sort of thing, where you don't have to come up with ingenious antidotes about your own life, blog-writing is maybe going the way of extinction. While there are a few die-hard bloggers still clinging to the lifeline and keeping people entranced with their daily musings about their lives, most of us have gravitated to Twitter and Facebook to talk about our mundane existence because, simply, it's easier. You don't even have to watch your spelling - spell-checker either does it for you or you say what the hell they know what I meant.

So much easier.

Now, I love blogging. It's the time factor rearing its ugly head and I just can't seem to find those extra few minutes to come over here and light the fires under my fingers and blog.  Sometimes I feel like I'm being stretched too far and if I put one more thing on my plate, I'm going to burst into a million pieces and then what good am I?

But...if you're a true writer (and I'm talking not just blogs, but articles, books, etc.), I have a secret to how you can get your mojo back. Read what other people write.

This morning I was over at one of the sites I do some writing for and as I'm reading some of the articles others have written, it put so many ideas into my head. I'm jotting down these ideas lest I forget them later and I'm feeling the tiny spears of mojodom coming back.

Hopefully it's enough for me to go on and finish my books and get them out there - who knows. But it sure does feel good.

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  1. Was wondering where ya went to, Sometimes life just gets in the way, I have the time and joy blogging, for us it is a journal of our lifestyle.


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