Saturday, March 17, 2018

Saturday, March 18 2018 - Antique Jar Find: Lustre Canning Jars by R.E. Tongue Bros.

I love finding out the history of anything old! I've just recently got into antiques. All my life I have loved them but never had the respect of these things until a few months ago. I am a busy beaver on the lookout for just the right kind of antiques and only looking for things in particular. I don't want to become the old lady with those dusty knick knacks that no one other than the owner loves.

While cleaning out my downstairs bathroom under the sink cabinet, I found an old jar I've had for years. I didn't see the top but I know I have it somewhere. I thought it was a Mason jar, but observing it closer, it's not. It says Lustre on the side of it and was made by R.E. Tongue & Bros. out of Philadelphia.

The company was located at Allegheny Ave. & Amber St. They were in business around circa 1910-1920s. They were known for "Lustre" products especially canning jars. The family was from England but eventually migrated to Pennsylvania. Eventually, the company was put up for sale and was bought by a Chicago firm. They only lasted one or two years and then went bankrupt.

Here is the jar I've had for years and don't really know where I got it but my suspicion is that I dug it up somewhere in the woods. This jar probably dates to the early 1900s.

What's interesting about these jars is that all ball or blue jars are not Mason jars.  Mason jars are not a brand but a type of glass container.1937 was the last year a blue Ball Mason jar was made. This means that any authentic blue Ball Mason jar is at least 77 years old. The blue color was partially caused by the minerals of the sand on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Also, according to the Internet, here are the details on these particular jars. My jar fits number 3.

1. Lustre (machine made, aqua, 3 sizes, glass lid/wire bail) (diagram/emboss on front looks rectangular) 15 - 20

2. Lustre (handmade, aqua, 3 sizes, zinc lid) (diagram/emboss looks like a keystone) 15 - 20

3. Lustre (machine made, aqua, clear, 3 sizes, sinc lid) (diagram/emboss is in a circle pattern 12 -15

Interesting, huh?

On a side note, you can find out more about antique bottles, glass, jars, etc at

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