Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 25 2018 - I've Been Bit by the Farmouse Bug #farmhouse #hobbylobby

Well, I've been bit by the farmhouse bug. I don't want to confuse you - I still live by the ocean on an island as a matter of fact, but my island kitchen is about to be turned into a farmhouse kitchen. Have you been to a Hobby Lobby? Omg if you haven't and you like decorating with the farmhouse theme, you have got to go. I don't even know how I got started, but if I back up, here's what happened.

Christmas. I decorate for Christmas but this year something came over me. Like I was really into it and the more I decorated, I could see a theme about to be born. I've been living on the island maybe ten years and all this time I thought it was appropriate to decorate with beachy stuff. Every time I would go to the Outer Banks of NC, I would pick up a really neat shell for my curio cabinet or signs to put on the walls of my office. Well my office is slowly becoming a junk room since I moved downstairs in the corner of my living room with all my work stuff and I wanted to make the living room a feel good room. After the holidays, I thought I would change up and make sure I decorated for all the seasons. I'm talking pictures on the wall, stuff in my curio cabinet, knick knacks, that sort of thing.

Well...I bought this rocking horse to set by the Christmas tree and the more it sat, the more determined I was going to make it a permanent fixture in my living room. It was a wooden rocking horse that looked so cute and I couldn't bare to take it out when I took down the Christmas tree. When the tree came down, I moved the rocking horse over to in front of the mantle.

Then QVC had a sale going on for this cutest heater. It was shaped like a lantern and had the candle up top and the heater below it and it stood almost 3 feet. I got it in white and boy did it add some zing to the living room.

And then...I found out about this farmhouse theme of decorating. Because I wanted it to be my own style since I had to live with it and in it, I thought I'd go with the farmhouse modern style. In other words, only certain antiques would be allowed in and it would be mainly farmhouse stuff I'd bring in for now. I'll see how that goes.

I wondered if people would think I was crazy. Here I lived in a townhouse by the beach and I was about to turn my kitchen for starters into a farmhouse kitchen.

So, off to Hobby Lobby I went to begin my search for just the right things to fill it. Here's what I found:

 This is my pride and joy. I'm in a hotel right now so this is the bathroom but I'm going to put it in just the right spot in my kitchen when I get home.

Even the cashier noted how cute this was and wasn't even aware that was in there. I'm going to find a good spot for this.

Now this I didn't get at Hobby Lobby but can't wait to go back in there and see what they do have, but this came from a little antique shop in Laurel, Delaware. I think the shop was called In the Attic or something like that. Btw, I only paid $3 for this.

So now I see a theme being born. Chickens and cows without making the kitchen gawdy. I'll be picking up more of these tin boxes but only those with cows or chickens on it and grouping them together on my shelves by the sink.

It's starting to come together. When I find homes for all these guys, I'll take a picture. Tomorrow I'm going back to Hobby Lobby...I spotted a clock that would look perfect in there...just hope no one grabs it before I get there!


  1. Love all your purchases so retro and homey.

  2. So happy that you've been bitten by the decorating bug.
    I can't wait to see what you do with your new love for Farmhouse decor.

    1. You've created a monster, Patty! Thanks so much for enlightening me, lol!


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