Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's No Business Like Snow Business

I've not written in a few days. Life is back to normal. I didn't attend the funeral for the strangest reasons but I really wanted to go. No one knows who got any of her possessions or at least BF isn't letting me in on it. C'est la vie. When the time is right, he'll tell me.

It snowed its arse off here a few days ago. There is still snow everywhere. My daughter got stuck in a 3 foot snowbank thinking it was straight road behind the condos where we live. Silly girl.

Of course, we didn't have a shovel. Who needs a shovel in a place that never gets snow? So, I took a garbage can lid and tried to use that as a shovel, used my boot to kick away some of it and also untilized a broom. It was slow going.

She called her father who came over and told her to do the old forwards backward thing and she got out.

The next day, I went out and made a snow heart with the words "I love snow" in the middle. Thought it was cute. Took pictures but of course I need help downloading them so it'll be awhile until I can get them up here.

I also hear it's going to be another snowfall coming this weekend. Now...I do "I love snow" know how it is when you see your grandma for the first time after many many years then after awhile she gets downright annoying? That's how it is.

Secretly, I do love the white stuff. It was beautiful this go around. Powdery. Didn't make good snow for snowmen or snowballs, but it was really neat. Perfect for those 3 foot snowbanks and was higher in other places.

I took a walk on the dock the next day and the water was just breaking up. Looked like a million iceburgs floating in the water. Took pictures.

Well back to work, but I wanted to let everyone know Boomer Chick is doing just fine.


  1. Stay warm and dry! I don't like the stuff although we usually have a lot of it in the mountains just a short distance from home, if I ever want to go see it. Last winter we had a lot right here. This is a better winter- we set a record for the average high temp for the month of Jan and Feb seems to be starting out about the same.

  2. Cute picture. Had those birds seen snow before? Frankly, I can't stand the stuff, probably because we get too much of it. Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. (g)

    Morgan Mandel

  3. I know what you mean about all that snow and the nasty, slippery, white-out driving conditions. And yes, I too realize that there are those who must get to work........those in the health care field because the patients need the knowledge and expertise that they bring to their job. But in some other jobs, like mine, working at a newspaper, I don't feel it that imperitive..............the next days news of my death due to the inclement weather conditions don't excite me nor I'm sure they make one bit of iota to the readers of that local paper. BEing partially retired and only working because I enjoy it, gives the advantage of telling them where to stick it when and if the insist on my coming in during blizzard conditions. Some of us are mubh luckier than your poor daughter. If I were her, I would have been in tears about being forced to risk my life driving in that crap! Just saying! Glad she made it safe!


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