Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How do chickens crow?

Just crawled out of bed.
Tell me something. How does a chicken crow? I mean, you have chickens and you have roosters right? This fricking chicken that BF brought home from the hatchery where he works CROWS. So the chicken crows at sun up, the dogs go into how do I want to put that...well the noise you would make when you've got your foot in a trap and have to chew it off to get out...that kind of noise, so all three are doing that and BF is up calling his boss to see if he wants him to come in (he's thinking time and a half to help pay these bills good boy) and I finally go back to sleep and do you see what time it is? 12:20. Any of you actually get up normally?

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  1. Yep, we got up normally just after 6 although I asked Pat if we really shouldn't sleep more than 6 hours. Maybe a nap this afternoon.


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