Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dragged Out of Blog Lurkdom

Thanks to Kathy Holmes, one of my good friends and hen lit blogger, I've been dragged out of blog lurkdom. Thanks for your kind note, Kathy...;o)

My insides are still in turmoil, but I'm still working...albeit a little silent in the groups and elsewhere. I tend to be an introvert and retreat inside myself when this happens and that's the reason for the silence.

Meanwhile, I've been sending out columns and I've submitted to a paying mag for a relationship article I had with Arabella, a year before they even shut down. It was just sitting, collecting dust, and it was a really good article if I say so myself so no need of letting it go to waste.

I also got a wonderful review from Larry James for ROMANCING THE SOUL...

"This book will touch your heart, bring tears to your eyes and a smile
to your face. Explore all the soulmate possibilities as you experience
what others have when they discovered the spiritual connection that changed
their life and their relationship.
An excellent read!"
- Larry James,, Author, "How to Really Love the One You're With"

He's such a love! He even put my book in his bookstore, along with other great relationship authors...really nice.

As for my other books, I'm still waiting on news from the agent. I've sent out other queries, but this particular agent is the one I'm hoping for. It's not been two months yet, so I feel that I don't have to jump off the nearest bridge just yet. JUST JOKING.

The how to book for first time writers is coming along. I've missed my deadline and I'm sure my publisher is screaming...I'll have to drop her a little note. This book has become more than just a whim at this point and I really want to put my all in it. When I do that, I tend to take my time, but I guess the publishing world doesn't want to hear that. I've gotten great responses from best selling authors, not to mention Dan Poynter. What a doll he is.

Anyway, I'm still alive...some days good some days downright frustrating....just another adventure in the life of an over the hill chick. ;o)

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