Friday, October 5, 2007

Smoky Mountain Cabins for the Goddesses

I am slowly going BONKERS. In exactly one week from Monday, I will be leaving and going to the Smokies to stay in some godforsaken cabin that is driving me nutso to find. Okay, here's the deal. Back in my day, if you rented a cabin, you were lucky to get inside plumbing.

Not now. Omg, there are even swimming pools INSIDE some of these things. And whole rooms with nothing but chairs and a huge 9 ft. screen and they're calling it media rooms. There are one bedrooms, two bedrooms, twenty-thousand bedrooms. There are mountain views, lake views, wood views, sky views. There are pet friendly and not pet friendly. They all come with pool tables, hot tubs, and in most of them foosball tables. Decks? There's not only one, but two and three and all of them have some kind of scenic view.

It will drive you apeshit.

We had a beautiful cabin last year. Absolutely breathtaking, but the thing is, we're now spoiled. We want something we've never seen before. Daughter wants the one with the pool inside and I want the one with the media room (just imagine chilling to a 9 foot screen!) and nowhere the 'twain shall meet.

The good thing is the ones with the pools are all taken. Granted that would have been mighty cool to jump in a pool in the middle of your house in the middle of fall when it's crisp and cool outside. Oh, they all have fireplaces, so all you have to do is jump in the pool and go warm yourself afterwards by the glowing embers of the fireplace. Does sound nice.

So, anyway, I'm like at the point where they are all looking the same and none are standing out as the perfect one. Now, this is what I like:

Is that like living like a goddess or what?

So, we're still looking, but between you and me, I vote for the media room. I'll let you know what we decide because it better be soon or this goddess is going to be heading for the funny farm for vacation.

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  1. Oh, what a wonderful place to write! I envy you. What I wouldn't give to be able to rent a cabin for say ... um ... three months! In the woods, by myself with nothing but nature, my muse and a big soaking tub.

  2. Now that sounds like the kind of a problem that you can't loose at regardless of which way you resolve it. The media room sounds good but do you need to take your own media along? If so, are they Hi Def or regular DVDs? Make sure you check this out before going. But do have fun.

  3. My cabin has a 19" tv that receives one station if the aerial is positioned JUST right. And the "pool" is outdoors (the lake.)

    But what you described does sound like it would be a fun change of pace. :)

  4. What do you mean - "Back in my day" - it's still your day - you're not that old, Dorothy! LOL!

    I hope you're having a fabulous time!

  5. Oh I love the smokies but why can't you have the pool AND the media room LOL! hey have a great time. visiting from bad kitty's blog.


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