Saturday, December 8, 2007

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

Goodness, I haven't posted since Thanksgiving? Bad, bad boomer chick.

Lots and lots is going on. I'm halfway done with Christmas shopping (is anyone finished?) and I started my Christmas menu planning which will involve the feast, of course, but will include lots of cookies and gingerbread and fudge - yummy! That is, if I can find the time to cook everything.

Oh...I've got great plans at Pump Up which won't be announced until the January authors go out, so you'll have to sit tight until then, but it will include a way to help these authors sell books so it's waaaay cool. I'm working with my tour coordinators now on this and we're ever so excited.

Is anyone getting any snow? And...did this winter come in with a bang, unlike previous winters? Actually, winter hasn't even started and we saw our first snowflake a few days ago! It didn't last long..didn't even stick, but we've not even had a snowflake this early in years.

I loved snow as a kid and still do. We couldn't afford boots, so my grandmother wrapped plastic grocery bags around our shoes, put a rubber band at the top and we were good to go! I remember my aunt lived next door and I would plead for her to let me wear my uncle's fishing boots. Those suckers ran up your entire leg almost, but they were way less embarrassing than plastic bags!

Has anyone ever walked outside at night after snow has fallen? Isn't that the most beautiful sight you've ever seen? I remember one morning, very very early before the sun was out, I went outside to brush a walkway for my grandmother so that she could go to work and it was the most peaceful experience I've ever had in my entire life. The stars were out and everything was so quiet. It was like a real personal experience with nature...awesome. Of course, those bags around my feet didn't keep out the cold like my uncle's fishing boots so my feet were beet red and tingling when I got back in, but I'll never forget the experience...truly awesome.

Well, lots of work to catch up on...I hope the Christmas buying frenzy hasn't caught up on you yet and you can enjoy the beauty of the season. Have some eggnog on me. ;o)

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  1. I am almost finished with Christmas shopping but still waiting on a wish list from one granddaughter. Then there is the wait for some things to come in the mail. In time, I hope.

    We haven't had snow here but usually don't. Last weekend we got very strong winds and rain, but again my area was pretty well protected. South of us the I-5 freeway was covered by 10 feet of water and closed for 20 miles. Two fairly large towns were flooded badly. The winds along the coast reached to over 130mph- that is hurricane level and they did a lot of damage. The surf off the Oregon coast (and probably ours here) was over 40 feet. That is the surf, not just an occasional wave. It was a wild couple of days.

    But today is clear, cold, calm and beautiful. I like it better that way!


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