Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conversations from My Front Porch


Man in his upper thirties, lower forties, wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt, young boy of perhaps five wearing blue helmet, brown shirt and blue jeans. The man, who appears to be the boy's father, is riding a 10-speed directly in back the boy who is on a small two-wheeler that appears to have once sported training wheels.

"Okay, car coming. Ride a little faster, I'll keep behind you."

It is gorgeous today. Perfect day for bike riding. I'm still quite not over whatever it is I had, so this is frustrating. Yesterday was the first day I felt normal, then whammo bammo, tightening in the stomach area in the upper left.

But today is the perfect Fall day. Melissa and I took Skylar walking down the path in this "park" that no one knows about but the locals. I would like to keep it that way because it's the perfect place to get away from it all. You go around this "loop" and through the loop, you're walking on a tarred path which winds itself through the woods and there's even a lake with a bench if you want to stop and enjoy the scenery. We were going there again today, only my stomach is acting up and I want to watch it.

The out my front porch, the scenery there is enough to keep me home. One lone boat trolled by so I figure he's trying to get a jump on Fall fishing. We never caught anything from our dock, but some have caught fish from the docks around us. I know they tried. Wasn't a day that went by this past summer that there wasn't someone out there trying to get dinner's worth at least.

The tide is high, but going out. I have ways of measuring when the tide is high or low and I know that if the water almost fills up the weeds that grow in the marsh in front of the water and alongside the walkway to the dock, the tide has come up or coming up. If it's completely immersed, it's high tide. Funny how you learn these things on your own without having some kind of tide report.

I also play a game. I love it when boats pass through because it throws water against the shoreline. The bigger the boat, the louder the sound. If no boat is passing, there's quiet except for the native birds squawking, but have a boat pass through and it's the neatest sound you've ever heard. I always run out if a big boat is passing, it's so cool.

Well anyway, I thought I'd check in. I've got tours going out tomorrow so I really have to get going. Hope everyone is having a fun and safe week and we'll talk to you again soon.

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