Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March 21, 2017: A Day in the Doggie Park #Chincoteague #dogs #dogwalk

Ever since Max died, I have thrown myself into giving Booder (aka Cody) more attention. Every now and then I'll designate the day to being a Booder Day.  Today was the day.

As the island is limited to where you can take your pooch, I opted for the Island Nature Trail (we call it the doggie park). The Island Nature Trail - which I have talked about before - is a paved winding trail through the woods. There are benches placed strategically to where you can rest if need be.

This time of year, you'll only catch a few passersby with their own doggies. I passed a lady and her husband I'm figuring carrying a beagle. I was carrying Booder too because I have to watch it with his arthritis. As we passed, we exchanged hellos, then I said to them, "Lazy dogs." They both laughed. But that's about it.  It was just the woods, Booder and me.

I let Booder walk a little but he never took eyes off my legs. If I stopped, he climbed up them, but he was a good sport and walked some and I was a good sport and carried him when I thought it was too much for him.

We stopped at one of the last benches so I could try for the millionth time to get a picture of him looking at the camera. He's a quick little doggie - it took a million times for sure but here he is wearing his Love Machine hoodie.

We walked the full length of the trail and I treated him to a McDonald's cheeseburger (don't be hating on me). I think he had a good day. I know I did. BTW, in this picture, it looks like they're clearing out the dead trees from storms so forth from over the winter. They've got a lot of work to do that's for sure.


  1. What a Cutie... How did he get his name????


    1. LOL let's see how that evolved. His real name is Cody. That evolved to Cooter, then evolved to Boo Boo, then evolved to Booder. Strange how that happens?


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