Saturday, July 16, 2005

Soul Mates, Soul Mates, Soul Mates

Well, I'm back. Haven't posted for days, maybe weeks, because I've been throwing myself into promoting my book, Romancing the Soul, and getting ready for these radio interviews coming up. I've also sent out press releases on my soul mate advice blog, hoping that will generate a little interest my way. Soul mates, soul mates, soul mates. I believe I'm even dreaming soul mates.

It's a really interesting progression of events, though. One minute, I have a dream about my twin soul coming to me and telling me to put this book together and the next minute, I'm suddenly an expert on soul mates. Funny how things happen when you least expect it.

Years ago, I would have laughed at the whole soul mate concept.

Fresh out of high school, I marry who I thought was my soul mate. Almost twenty years later, we separate. The kids are divided between Mom and Dad and life goes on. There's one soul mate fairy tale thrown in the gutter.

Thrown into a life that was oh-so-foreign to me, I date. And date. And date.

I think I'm in love and then turn around and I'm not. Over and over.

It was a pattern I repeated for years until a chain of events led me to a women's shelter for domestic violence. Oh yeah, been there, done that. But, I credit this women's shelter for turning my life around, plus I credit ME for coming to the point in my life where I declared independence.

You see, independence was not part of my vocabulary. I was a wife and a mother, and not allowed to have a life of my own. After years of conditioning, I knew nothing else. That is, until I was thrown into it.

It seems that is the way with most women in my situation...they are afraid to take that first leap into independence land because of financial reasons or because of the kids or because because.

Some people have to be forced into it.

And you know what happens?

A whole new exciting world unfolds. Things happen that wouldn't ordinarily happen that are for the good.

And when she gets to the point where she knows she is responsible for her own well-being, she changes. She gets that kick ass attitude. And that's what chick lit is all about and that is what I'm all about and one day...I can stop promoting Romancing the Soul for just a few minutes and work on getting that darn manuscript published...but for now...soul mates is on the brain...soul mates, soul mates, soul mates.

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  1. Good to see you back, Dorothy. I know what you mean, though, about women not knowing when or how to leave - that you wait until it's so painful you have no other choice.

    Congrats on all of the soulmate excitement with your radio interviews, etc. Can't wait to see how it all segues into your hen lit book hitting the shelves, too. :)


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