Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ureka! It's a Hen Lit Romantic Comedy!!!

I was surfin' this morning after I got out of bed - and before I had to go to work *groan* - and I was reading about how much fun Alesia Holliday was having in Reno and one link led to the other and I landed on Michelle Cunnah's website. At the very top of her website, there were *in huge letters * her name and then right under it were the words "chick lit romantic comedy," and I went UREKA! THAT'S IT!

Ahhhh. Chick lit romantic comedy. There's the chick lit and romance combined with laughs throughout. That's absolutely what my book-in-progress is...or is it?

In yesterday's post I was confused about the genre of my book because it was centered around relationships, but romance wasn't the overall theme of the book. The overall theme was all about Molly - her silly antics at work, her life at home taking care of her grandmother, her determination to not let Meg, her best friend, make bad relationship choices even if it came down to going on the date with her to put the guy in his place. It was all about Molly, Molly, Molly. However, there were romantic elements in it and that was what was confusing me. Was I writing a chick/hen lit or was I writing a romance?

Well, then I came to Michelle's website, saw the catchy little phrase "chick lit romantic comedy," and even though I'm barely awake, it is making sense to me now.

But, then, I wanted to make sure. So, I went back to Michelle's website and read some excerpts. I thought maybe this way I could get a feel of what a chick lit romantic comedy was.

I started with "Confessions of a Serial Dater." I could have kicked myself for not ordering it when I made my last Amazon order, but it's on the list for next month.

Anyway, I read the excerpt there on her website and tried to get a feel of just exactly what is a "chick lit romantic comedy."

Omg...wonderful prologue and I didn't get past the first couple of sentences before I actually chuckled out loud. Wowzers. I am just so in awe.

So, I checked out "Call Waiting." I'm telling you, this woman is my hero. But, I did notice with this book, the protag really concentrated on her relationship with Jack, her boyfriend I presumed, which opened the first chapter. If I read it right (still half asleep), the first chapter concentrated on their sexual escapades...not sure...relying on memory on this one because I'm too darn lazy to go back to it. Well, mine doesn't. Sexual tension, but no sex. As of yet anyway.

Hm...I thought. My character is somewhat the complete opposite, but that is good I think because it doesn't concentrate on romance enough to make it a romance per say. Plus, the fact that my protag is older than hers and that would make a huge difference in the way they perceive goals and relationships.

I already had "32AA" but my daughter grabbed it before I could read it (remind me to ask her about that). Anyway, so I'm back on Michelle's website and read the excerpt there.

Okay, her book and mine is very different but the tone is similar. Light and full of fun.

So, anyway, these are chick lit/romantic comedies.

And that, I believe, led me to the conclusion that my book is definitely a hen lit romantic comedy. I could see by reading Michelle's books that the goals and aspirations of twenty-somethings are quite different from thirty-, forty- and above-somethings. And that is what hen lit is all about anyway - experiences of older protags which comes with its own set of rules on love and dating. Interesting. Anyway, that's it and I'm not going to change my mind. Hen lit romantic comedy. I even like the sound of it.

It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for you. Oh heck, gotta go, I'm going to be late for work.

Chow amigos!


  1. That's brillliant, Dorothy! Hen Lit romantic comedy is probably a better description of my ms, "Real Women Wear Red" and probably why I've been concerned about whether it's a good fit for NEXT. I have heard it's okay to have romance in NEXT - it just shouldn't be a "romance." Since most HQ writers have a romance background, those words "this is not a romance" are meant for them and not for us (who don't write traditional romance) to interpret as "no romance." :)

  2. LOL, it's a wonder what a good night's sleep will do for you. Hen Lit Romantic Comedy...I like the sound of it, don't you?

  3. Word of advice - don't worry about the genre. That's up to your agent and ultimately your editor, and they'll determine how they want to categorize it depending on the current market. So just write it, and leave that stuff to the professionals!

  4. As for me, I'll gladly hand off thinking about genre to my agent - when I get one, of course. :) At this stage, agents seem to be quite concerned with genre in their analysis of whether they think they can sell you before offering representation.

    BTW, Melanie, congrats on "Super Mom." Just went to your web site and you have quite a comedic flair. Wishing you much success with it!

  5. Yeah, a big congrats to you, Melanie! Are they talking turning it into a movie YET? Sounds like it would make a great one by the title!

  6. BTW, Dorothy, have you seen Lois Winston's web site? She's listed her book, "Resurrecting Gertie" with a list of multiple choice answers, such as a) Romantic Comedy b) Chick Lit c) Hen Lit, etc. or g) all of the above. And of course, the answer is g) all of the above. Quite clever!

  7. Hen Lit Romantic Comedy, how cool. You know I've always thought of Romeo and Julie as a Hen Lit Romantic Comedy.

  8. LOL, I never thought of that, Elizabeth! Romeo and Juliet...hen lit romantic comedy...LOL..I'll have to give that some more thought! ;o)

  9. Kathy, I was just on Lois' website, that girl has done well, hasn't she? Goes to show you what contests will do for your book, huh? I loved how she put that, too...all of the above! Exactly! She was having a time renaming her book...I wish I could have come up with something.


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