Saturday, September 16, 2006

Virginia's Shenandoah Valley's Natural Bridge

On the way home from our Smoky Mountain vacation, we really didn't want the fun times to end, so we stopped off at The Natural Bridge in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It was spur of the minute stop, but it was absolutely awesome and I'm really glad we did stop.

The Natural Bridge has some really neat facts behind it. Thomas Jefferson built a 2-room log cabin here for his guests. In awe, famous people painted it and wrote about it. Thousands came by horse, stage coach, and train to view the huge, mysterious, renowned rock bridge. Like Niagara, it was among our nation's most visited natural wonders, that today, still takes your breath away. Here's the entrance to The Natural Bridge:

Jefferson's rock bridge remains; as does the legend of the Monacan Indian's discovery of it. Jefferson's vision transpired over time: the cabin grew to a hotel. Since 1927, the bridge has also captivated visitors at night during the "Drama of Creation," when colorful lights dance across the rock, accompanied by Biblical narration, music, the light of the moon, and soothing sounds of the creek.

Here's a picture of my son walking down the path before we actually got to The Natural Bridge:

And this is moi standing at the sign...

And the covered bridge...

And this is the beautiful Natural Bridge...

And another beautiful picture...

I do want to mention this, though....if you could just imagine standing there among those awesome was a trip back in time and surely something I'll never forget.


  1. I think your last paragraph describes the feeling one has in a place like this. We are getting to see something that hasn't changed much in perhaps millions of years. People who are viewing these natural wonders today are seeing much the same thing that those one hundred or more years ago also were awed by. Thank God that some of our earlier politicians were wise enough to pass laws to save them from over development. Good photos.

  2. Your pictures are wonderful, Dot! This is something I hope to be able to see myself sometime. If it's like other things I've seen, pictures -- although completely wonderful -- don't really do it justice.


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