Monday, January 22, 2007

This is Why it's Hard to Get an Agent...

The market sucks.

I was over at agent Kristin Nelson's blog where she tried to explain why it is there are so many rejections. In her words, "It takes a freakin' village to buy a book."

If you are one of the lucky ones and you have found an agent who is interested in your book, don't think it's time to celebrate just yet. It still has to get accepted by a publisher of course.

And, still, if you learn a certain publishing-house-of-your-dreams has the book and is considering it, it still has to go through a committee, which translates to about six heads if memory serves me right.

But, wait, then you have to take the market at the time your book is sitting there into consideration. So, even if it finally gets to the point where the committee has it in their greedy little hands, it's still not time to celebrate because if the market isn't right for your book at the exact milliminute, you're kaput.

How sad that must be for authors who have gotten to this point.

I've started submitting again, even knowing the odds. I still have that dream and I figure that's the fuel in my fire.

Knowing what I know, and reading how Kristin put it like it really is, I still submit and I still get excited when any progress is announced. I try to keep a level head but even getting past that "getting an agent" stage would be the most wonderful thing.

And then I hope.

I hope that the market is right. I hope that an agent loves my work, and I hope the committee falls absolutely in love with my book.

I've heard it takes some authors YEARS before they find an agent, then a publishing deal. And, even knowing this, I still keep on.

While some writers are perfectly content publishing through vanity houses or subsidy houses, or even small press such as I am, there is still that goal and I won't give up.


  1. So very true, Dorothy. When chick lit was hot and they were buying like crazy, we all thought once we got an agent, we'd sell to the big guys. But when we didn't, we were disappointed, our agents were disappointed, we parted ways, and we found ourselves wondering what to do next. I'm still working on that part. :) Wishing you the best on your next round of submissions.

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I wish I weren't so damn picky and paranoid that I'll get one that isn't on the up and up or I'd be sending more out. I'm trying now for ones that I know and respect...after that list is exhausted, unless a new good one pops up, I'm not sure if it's worth the headache...but of's worth a lot to me so I keep on.

  3. Dorothy, I know how it is. I do have an agent and he called today. Four more rejections. But he's not discouraged at all and he's very high on my book. You just have to keep a positive attitude. I'm one of those who will never give up, ever.

    BTW, I did have a book published on ASJA Press, via iUniverse, and it's doing very well. My agent said that every book I sell makes his job easier. So, it's not a total mistake to go self-publishing, although some publishers are better than others



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