Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New Blog: Pump Up Your Online Book Promotion

I know, I know...long time no see. I've been hugely busy. I've got a new blog up which for those who want to learn how to pump up your book promotion might enjoy. In fact, it's called PUMP UP YOUR ONLINE BOOK PROMOTION. I will be adding a small banner to the right hand sidebar for easy access, but what I wanted to do with this blog is bring awareness to the different ways you can promote your books online. So, if you're an author wanting more sales, or just want to learn how to make those sales before your book is released, check it out.

The radio interview with Fran Silverman of Book Marketing with Fran went great. Actually, I haven't listened to it (does anyone else do that?)...just hate listening to myself. The interview is in the archives you're brave.

On the home front, my pipes are frozen and has been frozen since early last night. Right now it's 22 degrees and no signs of it thawing out. And...gulp...snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Life is fun, I'm telling you.

On to other things...I just got word that The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost is due to be released in print the end of the month, so you'll probably start hearing a little more about it here. It's not just a paranormal romance, it's a story that was based on a man's real search for someone to prove that ghosts exist and he would pay them a million dollars. Fun little book actually, but I guess you'll have to be the judge of that. Not sure when it'll go up at Amazon, but shouldn't take too much longer.

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  1. Hi Dorothy! I haven't had much time to visit blogs either, hon. Nice to see you on my site. :-)

  2. Great ideas on your other blog, there. Thank you for sharing them.


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