Friday, February 23, 2007

What's New with the Boomer Chick

I haven't posted in a few days, so I thought I'd catch you all up to what's been going on in my little ol' boomer chick life. Wish I could say same old, same old, but I can't let that happen, now can I?

Oh, where do I start? For beginners, I'm now a PR person. I'm not advertising it until I can see what I can do for my TWO (count'em!) clients. So what you might be hearing a lot from me from now on is about my life becoming a public relations person...errr...actually, I call myself the Pump UP Your Book Promotion eMarketing Expert. Has a nice ring to it.

I'm a little different from most book publicists in the regards that I concentrate on that vast territory called cyberspace. In other words, I show you how to promote online to sell your books. In the years since I've been promoting my books, I've learned a great deal about what entices online buyers and in this case, book buyers. I will do several things for my clients which are outlined in my mission statement I send to anyone who is interested in my services. It involves many things. I take you and your book and create a powerful online presence for the both of you. Fun, yet challenging. I'll keep you up to date on how this pans out.

I do want to announce that my writing site, The Writer's Life, took honors as being in the top ten at the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll this year. One for the site and one for beans!

Also good news is THE SEARCH FOR THE MILLION $$$ GHOST which I co-authored with Heide Kaminski and Pam Lawniczak is due to be released in paperback by the end of this month! Go Mardi Gras!

On the homefront, I'm still contemplating buying an RV and touring the country. Won't be for a few years, but I'm doing my homework now. There's an RV show in New Jersey (four hours away) that I'd love to attend the first of next month, but I think I'm going to see if there are any closer. Wouldn't that be just the coolest thing to do nothing but tour the country? Of course, you still have to eat, and that's the main thing I have to think about...making money on the road. It can be done, but I need another year or two to make sure that exists.

I'm still making plans on returning to California in September. I need to contact the library there (where I'll be donating my book) to make sure they know when I'm coming. And the LA Times reporter who probably has moved on by now (hopefully not) who was going to do the interview.

As far as my promotion classes are concerned, I'm hoping for next month if I can stop long enough to make sure I have everything squared away for that. With this new PR business just getting off the ground, it's hard to make time, but don't worry, I'll find the time somewhere.

And anyone watching American Idol? My choice so far is, that woman can belt out a tune. Did you hear what Simon said? "As far as I'm concerned, everyone else can go home." Did you get a look on everyone's faces when he said that? Man oh man oh man.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything, but I think that's it in a nutshell. Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end!

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  1. Congrats on the PR hat! One thing I've learned from you is the importance of wearing so many hats - especially when you're a self-starter like we are.

  2. You certainly wear a lot of hats....and will you ever slow down to take a breather? You are one busy lady!!!!

    Hope all continues to go well for you. Hugs

  3. Well, congratulations! Its amazing what turns life takes, right? Good luck in the PR biz!

  4. You know, I had a very hip and cool grandmother, and when she got to be about 50, she packed herself up, bought an RV, and lived on the road for years and years! Most fun thing EVER. She traveled everywhere, stayed in campgrounds (she said camping people were the best people in the world), and even at 75, she was white-water tubing at her favorite campground in Tennessee. And she worked on the road, too: did consulting for companies who were trying to get publicity. I always thought that was the very bravest and fun type of life to have: she didn't keep an apartment, but she did have a little car she towed behind her motor home so she could dash out to the store without having to take her whole house with her! I say, go for it!

  5. Dorothy:

    Hello! I haven't communicated with you in ages. I'm not marketing my book "Excited Light" and maybe I should come to you for marketing help! I'm doing okay. Amazon only has two books left and is going to reorder. But I could do better.

    Congrats on your Mardi Gras book.

    Lynn Voedisch


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