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We have a special guest today at Boomer Chick! Vicki M. Taylor, author of Trust in the Wind, is on a virtual book tour and Boomer Chick gets to ask her lots of questions!

First, let me tell you a little about Vicki.

Vicki is an award-winning author who writes dramatic stories with strong women as her main characters. This is right up my alley! I love stories like that.

Her first novel, Not Without Anna, won 2nd place in the 2003 Florida Writers’ Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards and was published in January 2004. She won an honorary award for her short story, “And Justice for All” in the Fire to Fly contest from Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine.

A prolific writer of both novel length and short stories, she brings her characters to life in the real world. Her memberships include the National Association of Women Writers, Short Fiction Mystery Society, Romance Writers Association, and many more. She has had hundreds of articles published in electronic and print publications. She is one of the founders and past President of the Florida Writers Association, Inc. and speaks to local writing groups.

What a treat to have Vicki with us today! So, without further ado...I give you Vicki M. Taylor, author of Trust in the Wind!

Boomer Chick: Thank you for stopping by Boomer Chick on your virtual book tour, Vicki! Can you start off by telling us what your book is all about?

Vicki: Hey, it's great to be here. Trust in the Wind is about a fiercely independent, young teenage mother who only wants to make a good life for her son, Joey, and herself. It tells what happens after she meets a county sheriff who makes a lasting impression on her young son and gets under her skin as well, no matter how hard she tries to fight it.The sheriff has issues of his own; invisible demons that haunt him, and a job with a lot of risk. He too fights the attraction he feels for the small family he befriends, but can't seem to help himself. He's putty in little Joey's hands. The drama increases ten-fold, when little Joey is kidnapped.

Boomer Chick: Your book simply sounds fascinating. What compelled you to write it?

Vicki: The book came to me in a dream. Yes, the entire book. I woke up one morning and grabbed pen and paper and wrote the entire book out in long hand. It was the synopsis for my story. I was anxious to get it all written down before I started forgetting it. You know how it is after you wake up from dreaming, you start forgetting what your dream was about.

Boomer Chick: In your book, the main character, Joanne, starts out as a single mom who becomes quite independent. Do you perhaps see any of yourself in Joanne?

Vicki: No, not really. Joanne had her baby when she was a teenager in high school, having gotten pregnant by the first boy she had sex with. I didn't become "independent" until I reached my thirties. Yeah, it took me a while.

Boomer Chick: Just curious, why did you choose to have Roy a county sheriff? I’m always curious as to why we choose different professions for our characters.

Vicki: That's how the character was presented to me in my dream. And in my dream he looked like Ed Harris, so I created the character after Ed Harris. Roy needed to be in a position to "rescue" Joanne and then have a legitimate reason to maintain contact with her and her son. And, he had to have a job that was extremely risky to make it an issue for Joanne.

Boomer Chick: I understand that your first book, Not Without Anna, won 2'nd place in the 2003 Florida Writers’ Association’s Royal Palm Literary Awards and was published a few months later in 2004. Do you think having the book win an award influenced the publisher in taking you on?

Vicki: The publisher was thrilled that I won the award, even putting the award seal on the back cover of my book. I don't think it made them decide to publish me. It helped with marketing though. Made for a great press release.

Boomer Chick: I gotta ask. You used to be a marine? Did you have aspirations to become an author even back then?

Vicki:Wow, when I was a Marine, I was such a naive kid. Away from home for the first time, right out of high school. I grew up kind of fast. I wasn't thinking about writing back then. Although, I wished I'd kept a journal of all my experiences. Then again, most of them are still in my head. At least the most memorable moments.

Boomer Chick: What’s next on the agenda? Do you have more books coming out?

Vicki: I have a short story coming out in the Summer issue of Mysterical-E. I've been entering a romantic/suspense in some RWA contests. It was a finalist in the Golden Acorn. I think once I get a chance to go back through it and apply the changes suggested by the judges throughout the book, it'll have a good chance at getting published. I'm currently working on a women's fiction manuscript of a 39 year old mother of five who wants to adopt a pregnant 14 year old teenager and the tragic results.

Boomer Chick: Thank you for stopping by, Vicki, and good luck on the rest of your virtual book tour!

Vicki: Thanks, it was great being here. If you or your readers have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them.




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