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The Boomer Chick has a very, very special lady here with us today. It's Kim Robinson, one of the authors I represent on her virtual book tour and not only that, she's the author of the phenomenol book, The Roux in the Gumbo!

The Roux in the Gumbo is an emotional and inspirational look into the lives of a family that opens their door and hearts on every page. Spanning the years between 1800 to 1997, The Roux in the Gumbo’s story is told through one of the main characters before her passing; the remainder is accompanied by the memories of family members and friends. Based in Louisiana, with all its flair and Southern culture, it describes the experiences throughout history, contributing to the shaping of generations. In spite of the obstacles and struggles that life brought their way, these characters persevered with unity, love and laughter, due to a strong familial support system that carries universal appeal.

I give you the lovely and talented...Ms. Kim Robinson...

Boomer Chick: Thank you for stopping by Boomer Chick on your virtual book tour, Kim! Can you start off by telling us what your book is all about?

Kim: The Roux in the Gumbo is my Grandmother and Great grandmother’s life story, but in order to really know them you have to what came before them and what came after. The story covers slavery, child abuse, sexual abuse, KKK, reconstruction, prohibition, ples’sage, prostitution, divorce, cooking, hoodoo, voodoo, spiritual growth and events that were told to me by my family members. The book is 90 percent truth and I say that because if someone gets mad I can say that part isn’t true. LOL

Boomer Chick: I love that. Sort of covers all bases, huh? Your story is simply fascinating. What compelled you to write it?
Kim: I was pregnant with my second son in 1993 living in Texas with my man and my grandmother came from Los Angeles to help me because I was bedridden during the end of pregnancy because I have lymphademia. I would lay on a pull out couch in the den and watch television with her. We were watching Oprah who was talking about her book that was soon to be released and my Grandmother said, “I had more things happen to me than she did, someone needs to write my story.” I had my man set up the computer next to the pull out bed where we sat during the day and we started journaling all of those stories that she had been telling me all my life and a lot that she had not told anyone. When she was headed home after I had the baby, I brought her a tape recorder and when she thought of something she put it on tape and when the tape was full she would mail it to me and I would add every thing in chronological order. Ten months later, I went to Louisiana and stayed with some family and people who knew my great grandmother and family told me their stories about my ancestors. I came back and added all that to the book. I was pregnant with my daughter who is eleven months after my second son and my grandmother came back to help me again and we went over everything that I had added. She confirmed or denied. My grandmother visited every few months and we added information. In 1997 she got very sick and went into a coma during spinal cancer surgery. I flew down with my children and would visit every day. I would sit and read the book to her. My grandmother had seven children who would come by with their kids everyday and as I read they would listen. They started adding their memories and making tapes. One day I was reading to her and though she never came out of her coma, she said my name. Everyone in the family told me that it was a sign and they encouraged me to finish the book for the world not just something for the family to see. She died the next morning and here we are today with The Roux in the Gumbo. I think that every time someone reads this story they are bringing my family back to life.
Boomer Chick: I've got goosebumps! What has your family said about the book?
Kim: They are very proud and happy and sell more books than the stores. This is something that I have done that can be proud of, other than my three children.

Boomer Chick: Was it hard to write a book that was so close to home? I mean, did you felt like it was a cleansing tool? How did you feel after it was completed?
Kim: I finished it after I had come out of rehab and I felt like I had learned so much. I guess that thing about the sins of the fathers is really true because from generation to generation the same traumas occurred; hopefully this book will help to change that. How did I feel, I felt like I had immortalized my family who were very strong people.
Boomer Chick: Tell us about the talks you’ve been doing at the local churches. What was your reaction? What was your husband’s reaction to the way the church people accepted you?
Kim: I felt like my life had come full circle, that every negative that had ever happened to me in my life to was to bring me to this stage helping people know that they did not have to accept abuse and that if they were still standing God had a plan for them. My husband saw me speak at a church for the first time two weeks ago at Greater Mt. Tabor church in Fort Worth (Texas) and he was so proud of me that we didn’t even make it home. We checked into a hotel so that he could be with the woman that he was seeing in a new light. You have to understand that when we got together he pulled me out of “The life,” I was a a madam, call girl, drug dealer and addict when he met me. He didn’t know it but that I is in my next book. He believed in me and kept investing in me, we have two beautiful children and he adopted my son that I had to leave when he was he was three because the law broke in my door and I couldn't leave California for seven years or talk to my child through penitentiary glass for thirty five.
Boomer Chick: Unbelievable. I remember when you first joined my writing group, The Writer's Life, and in your introduction you told us what you had been in your past life, and I remember my eyes got big as saucers and I went, "Did she just say that?" Not too many people have the guts you have to admit all this and for that, I feel honored to know you. Amazing how you came up from the ashes and here you are a published author, ready to tell your story without holding anything back. Tell me, what kind of a message are you trying to get across with your book?
Kim: My book shows the hardships that people dealt with during slavery and reconstruction and the depression, no matter what nationality. I think that people are going to know how important history is to everyone most importantly the upcoming generations who don’t know how many people died in the civil war to make things the way they are today, they would not take education for granted. I speak at schools letting children know that they can write books to help other children deal with the challenges that they have faced.
Boomer Chick: What’s next on the agenda? Do you have more books coming out?
Kim: I have several books coming out. The next is my life story, The Street Life to Housewife trilogy, then we have a series that still has ended after twelve books called G-mama. G-mama is a 68 year old prostitute whose theory is “The penitentiary ain’t nothing but college for criminals.” She gives perpetrators the choice of making up for their sin’s god’s eyes or going to jail. I deal with real life trauma all over the world, drive by shootings, mothers trading their kids for the next fix, and arthritis patients dealing with medicine that has people throwing away their wheel chairs and walkers for jogging and Arthur Murray dance studios only to end up with livers failing because the pharmaceutical companies would rather make money then fess up that their miracle drug is actually death.
Boomer Chick: Where can we purchase The Roux of the Gumbo?

Kim: You can go on my website, to purchase an autographed copy or go to who is my publisher, agent and publicist and for the ebook

Boomer Chick: Thank you for coming, Kim, and good luck with the rest of your tour!
Kim: Thank you for the opportunity, I can’t wait to have you on my blog, you Rock!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to appear on your blog, I love what you are doing, helping so many authors.

  2. Great interview, Kim and Dorothy. As always.

  3. Another great interview, Kim.

    Love & Peace,
    Vanessa A. Johnson aka VeeJay


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