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Sandy Lender Pops In On Boomer Chick!

I have a really special guest here today at Boomer Chick! Not only is she one of the members of several of my online writing groups, a dear, dear friend, and the funniest lady you've ever met, but she is also the author of a book called Choices Meant for Gods and that's why she's here today. Sandy is on a virtual book tour, touring blogs all over the world from the comfort of her home! What a way to promote!

Of course, yeah, I'm biased being as I run a virtual book touring company, but nothing is better than getting the word out about your book than virtual book tours.

Okay, Boomer Chick, we know, we know!

Well, Sandy decided she wanted to try her hand at setting a virtual book tour up herself, and she even made the Boomer Chick in awe! I found her very thorough and really knew what she was doing and I am so pleased to have her stop by in Virginia at the Boomer Chick's abode on the net as one of her stops on her CHOICES MEANT FOR GODS VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR!

And, now, I give you, Ms. Sandy extraordinaire....

Boomer Chick: Thank you for stopping by Boomer Chick on your virtual book tour, Sandy! Can you start off by telling us what your book is all about?

Sandy: Choices Meant for Gods is the story of a Geasa'n who's been on the run from a madman all her life. To make matters worse, this madman is an evil sorcerer (aren't they all?) who killed her family. When Amanda Chariss finally chooses to stand and fight, she discovers she's wrapped in centuries of prophecy that demand she protect the gods of her society--one god in particular. Lucky her: The god she's in charge of is this arrogant deity who thinks He's the greatest gift to mankind. What He doesn't realize is He's slowly been losing His followers over the years. And there's another prophecy about to come into play that's going to put Him in mortal danger. Yeah, Chariss's job sucks.

Boomer Chick: Your story is simply fascinating. What compelled you to write it?

Sandy: I was influenced by a lot of things over the years as I wrote down scenes and thoughts and little tidbits of ideas. I'm a huge fan of Old English and Anglo-Saxon literature, so there are themes and words from those influences in there. I'm also a huge Bronte fan, so there are themes and elements from the Bronte family's writings sneaking around the edges in Choices Meant for Gods. I'm also a huge Duran Duran fan, so you'll find images and snippits of song titles hiding between the lines. But I think the driving force that compelled me to write Choices Meant for Gods was Chariss herself. The bad guy showed her to me one day a long long time ago, and I fell in love with her as thoroughly as her dragon companion has fallen in love with her, and, well, you just can't fight that kind of compulsion!

Boomer Chick: LOL, I know what you mean! Is there some kind of message you are trying to get across with your book or is this purely entertainment?

Sandy: Good literature does two things: It educates and it entertains. When I first sat down at the computer to type in 2000, I think I intended to put together a story that was purely entertainment. I was building a fantasy world where Chariss's story could play out. But as I wrote, I realized I had things to get across to the reader, if the reader would pay attention. I have an English degree, so symbolism is sort of pounded deep into my brain, and the astute reader will find symbolism running rampant in Choices Meant for Gods. If you read my blog at, you'll discover that the Word of the Day column now features the fantasy words that I created for use in the novel. Many of those words have symbolic meaning, and the ones associated with the estate that Chariss flees to at the beginning of the novel involve protection and shelter and strength. That's not by accident. But beyond giving the reader something "educational" in the English major realm, I also wanted to give a good social message. I didn't want to hit people over the head with it, but I wanted it to be there...under the plot. You see, the Geasa'n are a race of people who possess a power that other people do not possess. You could equate it to "magic" to make it easier to understand. But the people in this world I've created often fear those who possess the geasa. In the past, Geasa'n were hunted and killed for their difference. In Choices Meant for Gods, those characters who embrace Geasa'n and who are accepting of people with "differences" or with "alternate lifestyles" are the characters that the reader roots for. They're usually the good guys. The point I want to get across is that acceptance and tolerance are traits of the positive, good characters--and shouldn't those be traits of positive, good people out here in our world, as well?

Boomer Chick: What a point! If only, huh? Can you tell us who is your favorite character in your book and why?

Sandy: Oh, this is such a difficult question. If I say Abigail Farrier, I'll get hate mail. I believe, this week, my favorite character is Chariss because she is the ultimate female hero. She is the woman who can turn into the light that saves the day, yet she's not perfect. She's not this obnoxious, buxom blonde beauty that you want to smack upside the head when she giggles about something mundane. In fact, I don't think I've heard her giggle... No, Chariss may have her light moments when she teases someone, such as her mentor, who is the most powerful wizard the gods created, but she can assess danger, whip out a sword, and solve the problem in the blink of an eye. You don't want to be on her bad side.

Boomer Chick: Well, I fell in love with all your characters. Nigel was really giving the Boomer Chick palpitations, but what would he do with an old boomer chick, you know? LOL...anyway...what’s next on the agenda? Do you have more books coming out?

Sandy: The second book in the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy is complete and I'm editing it now, so that will be the next release. I am working on the third book as well. I have a paranormal romance novel that's complete and waiting for the dust to settle... As for what's next on the agenda, I'm just promoting like mad. I'll be speaking at Context 20 this September and doing as many book signings as I can line up to promote Choices Meant for Gods. But, of course, to get all those sequels and prequels and whatnot to become reality, the first book has to succeed. Folks can help with that by picking up their copy at their local book store or clickin here. So far, it's been a fabulous ride so I'm looking forward to everything in the future!

Boomer Chick: I have high hopes for you, kiddo, and I'm sure you'll be quite successful...mark my words. Well, I know you have to leave - sob, sob - but I want to thank you for stopping by and chatting with Boomer Chick while she waits for Vacation Hell Week Day # 3 to start (long story) and I wish you much success and hope you sell lots of books!

Sandy: Thank you for the chance to share information with viewers at your site. It's been fun talking with you this morning!

Wasn't she wonderful? You can check out Sandy's blog by clicking here and if you have any questions you'd like to ask Sandy, leave them in the comment section and she'll get to them right away! Meanwhile, click on the book cover above to take you over to Amazon to pick you up a makes for great beach reading!

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  1. Greetings and salutations! great interview, Sandy and Dorothy. I feel like a stalker fan following around their idol!! LOL! I am just so tickled with all the promotion this amazing book is getting.
    Okay, did I win that contest yet? Shouldn't there be one for the biggest fan?LOL!
    Great job, girls.

  2. As per usual, a fantastic interview. I've read the synopsis of CMFG several times now and each time I do, I itch to read the book again and relive all my favorite moments. :) Fantastic stuff Sandy and Dorothy. The two of you leave me in awe. :)


  3. Great comment that literature both educates and entertains! Exactly!! And all I can add is a big "Wow - you are so creative!"

  4. Kathy,
    I learned that in a Middle English class back in college and it's stuck with me all this time. It made Nigel roll his eyes and groan when I wrote it.

    Sandy L.
    "Some days, I just want the dragon to win."


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