Monday, May 7, 2007

Interviewed at Home Biz Notes!

I had forgotten all about this interview with my dear friend, Mary Emma Allen, one of the contributors in my soul mate anthology, Romancing the Soul, that was released in 2004 by Zumaya Publications.

Wow, Mary Emma and I go way back. Her story was called "It's Not in the Gift, But the Giving" which is in the companion soul mate section. I'm not even sure when Mary Emma and I met (an over the hill boomer chick memory deficiency), but I think we went back even further than that.
Isn't it wonderful how people can connect over the Internet?

But, what else is wonderful is that fact that the Internet has opened up so many options for us that we never dreamed possible.

We can write a book with other people (The Search for the Million $$$ Ghost) over the Internet, we can solicit for stories for our book (Romancing the Soul), and we can even start a home business over the Internet which my interview is all about.

Read it at Home Biz Notes!

Thank you, Mary Emma!

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  1. Thank you, Dorothy, for this lovely tribute. I can't remember just where we met, over the Internet somewhere. Then I learned you were looking for soul mate stories for your book. That was awhile in the making, but you found the right home for it with Zumaya. I'm pleased to be included. It has been such fun to follow your career. And what you're doing now seemed a perfect interview for Home Biz Notes.

  2. Sometimes I can't remember life before the internet. Scary.


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