Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's Your Background?

One of the most interesting things I have found lately is the morbid curiosity I have about what people have as the background on their computers (is it called screensavers?).

I have a boss at work who has his wife on his. Of course, we joke about it being as he's whipped, but are there psychological reasons as to why we have certain things there?

I mean, if we are on here 24/7 practically, shouldn't we be putting something up there we love to look at? Can you just imagine psychoanalyzing what people put up there?

Okay, it's almost 2 in the morning and I'm beat from this bronchitis thing that wants to rip my lungs out, but I'm curious as to what you guys put up there. Me? I have a beautiful picture of a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. I didn't take it...I stole it from somewhere, but that's besides the point. This particular's minutes until the sun goes down, the lights are on in the house, the cabin is a huge 2-story monster overlooking the lights in the city of Gatlinburg. Now you know why I stole it? It's be-au-ti-ful.

As for a psychological reason, I just like it. I'd love to own something like that one day but omg the prices on those things are nothing I could ever afford...but I can look at it and dream.

Okay, your turn. What's your background?


  1. Not only am I the first one to post here; I am probably the one with the least exciting background and screensaver.

    My background is one I chose from the list offered by Windows. I think it's called leaves. It's mauve with brushed leaves on it. I spend so much time on my computer, I want something easy on the eyes. My screensaver is the marquee and it says, "Write, then rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite." That seems appropriate. LOL!


  2. As a background I have Stonehenge which is one of the basic MS backgrounds. When the screen saver starts My Photos files begin projecting on screen. Each photo is shown for a few seconds before changing to another. Photos of people I love appear, then photos of flowers or landscapes I've taken, all in charming randomness.

  3. For the last several months mine has been David Blaine, that street magician that almost killed himself in that water trick.
    It's pretty cool, but I think it's time for a change. I think I'll put my son's band up there for a spell.

  4. It's actually called Wallpaper :)

    I have a photograph of a Moravian church taken in the historic village of Bethabara, North Carolina. My ancestors lived there in the 1700s, so I have quite an attachment to it.


  5. My screen saver is set to display the contents of My Pictures folder. Every other folder in there gets featured. It's kind of cool to have pictures of varying sizes of my family, pets, my book covers, beautiful landscapes, rainbows, my poem set against a rainbow background, slowly fade in and out, or slide into view from one side of the screen or other.

    I'm going to scan in the artwork of my boys and nieces and nephews so I can see that from time to time, instead of it being stored away forgotten.

    For me, the days of deciding which picture to feature is over. But--I do have that problem with wallpaper!

    I've set it so the pictures don't fly in and off the screen like it did at first. Want to have a few seconds to enjoy that moment!

  6. Photos of my mother who passed away earlier this year.

  7. I change my backgrounds frequently, depending on my mood. Right now I have a gorgeous pic of the Grand Wailea on Maui where we spent our honeymoon. I'll go post it on my "Real Women Wear Red" blog.

  8. I have a favorite photo of Pat as wallpaper and a separate folder of some I like that will cycle around it the machine is left alone awhile. I have too many in regular photo folders to have them, plus this way I only have the best and/or favorites.

  9. Background pics for both my computer and home are from the show "Supernatural". At home I have two screens so I get a double whammy of Dean (Jensen Ackles). At work I have Dean and Sam (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) making my heart beat just a little faster every time all the open software gets minimized. :P

    Gloria Oliver
    Unveiling the Fantastic

  10. Dorothy: My screensaver was put up by my kids when I was in the hospital in 2004. So when I got home after that 3 month "vacation" and sat back down at the computer, up comes a new screensaver, white letters on black background: "Mom, We Love YOu."
    It ain't never gonna get changed!

  11. Right now, its a picture of one of my cats. For most of the last year, it was an underwater picture my boyfriend took on a scuba trip. I don't think about it much, because my browser is always open. In fact, I usually have two or three browser windows and at least two documents open! But the picture must be dark enough for me to see the icons for the screenshots I just took.


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