Sunday, November 18, 2007

And a Parakeet in a Pear Tree....

Okay, I got it. The 7 1/2 foot Donner Fir Walmart special. Comes with stand and in 3 easy-to-assemble pieces. Ahhh...

Right now, it's sitting in the box on my couch so the dog won't pee on it. Okay, Max has a territorial problem and we gotta watch it. He lifts one leg and he's going to be minus it.

I want to put it up, but it's involved. The corner where it goes year after year has my seven foot curio cabinet, a small park bench with assorted country dolls and a bird. And that's going to be a little problem.

The bird in question is a bit territorial himself. His cage sits in front of the picture window and he likes to chirp back at the other birds he hears beyond it. There's a berry tree where the birds congregate and we've let it grow up the side of the house so it can provide shade in the summer.

We move the bird and there's going to be hell to pay.

We did this last year, that's how I know. Because this is a rather small house, there isn't but so many places we can perch Floyd's humungous castle bird cage (he's very spoiled), so the only open spot was on top of the entertainment center in the living room. The only thing I hadn't counted on was that now Floyd can't see out the window unless he holds a magnifying glass up, which I doubt I can expect him to do because the damn bird doesn't even know how to say Polly, Wanna Cracker yet. Talent, he's a little short on.

But to make up for it, he has a voice that can carry into the next door neighbor's house especially if he hears someone stirring. Over by the window, he's pretty laid back keeping an eye out for his other feathered friends, and pretty much ignores us, but over on the entertainment center, HE SEES AND HEARS EVERYTHING.

Now, you would think this wouldn't be too much of a problem only if it's 4:00 in the morning and the dog gets out of bed (make that, my bed) to go pee, Floyd thinks it's time to get up. Throwing a towel or a blanket on him works to a point, but it takes him a long time to settle down.

So, now we have a problem where to perch Floyd this year. We tried the kitchen table but feathers in my cereal bowl wasn't cutting it.

And of course he couldn't bunk up with either of us because of all the racket he makes.

So, we have a slight problem. I guess I'll figure it out when the time comes.


  1. Isn't it amazing how our pets kind of take over our lives. I used to say that I'd never refer to my cat as my kid but now that the real kids are grown & gone, she has kind of taken over that position.

    Our cats are one reason that I doubt we will be able to go on very long RV trips. Huggy is used to traveling but Pat's two are not. Even if they were, we still have Cat Wars at home and it would be a lot worse in something the size of the RV. Oh well, life changes.

  2. LOL, oh, but yes, Dick! They definitely rule. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for stopping by! I'm getting ready to head over to your place now and see what you and Pat are up to!


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