Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...

Jingle bells...jingle bells...anyone in the Christmas spirit yet? Okay, stop smirking. I'm sitting here watching a Christmas movie and the holiday cheer is contagious.

Actually, I've been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. And the first thing on the agenda is getting a new Christmas tree. I've had my old tree for nearly twenty years and it's time for an update!

Amanda was over from King George for a few days. Oh, you remember her. She lived with me for awhile, called me Mom, the whole shebang...then she moved on. Quite upset at the time but I'm good with it now.

So, she came over for a few days because her father is co-signing for her for a new Jeep Cherokee - the same kind as my daugher's only newer - and she wanted us all to do something Saturday night. I had waited on tables all day long and really wasn't in the mood, but the girl is relentless. I had so much work to do with the tours, but I just couldn't say no.

My daughter and I had planned to go to Salisbury to look at Christmas trees so I told Amanda that's what we'll for a tree and go out to Texas Road House afterwards.

It was a plan.

Our first stop was Target, and they had beautiful trees, but the price tag just wasn't in my budget, so we kept on. Our next stop was Boscov's in the mall. Now, Boscov's has an excellent Christmas section, but again, price tags were in the $200 - $400 range. Ouch.

We gave up on it and did a little shopping in the mall (got my son a sweatshirt from Hollister's and a couple of pair of boxers from Aeropostle), then headed out to Texas Road House where we dined on steak, baked potato, salad and all the rolls you could eat - ymmm.

So, no tree, but at least we have an idea what's out there.

This tree I have now has a little bit of history to it. I had just gotten a job at a department store and used my first paycheck to buy it. It was the most beautiful tree in stock. I remember paying about $80 for it but at that time, that was expensive. And, for someone who had to go to work to support the kids, I really couldn't afford it but it's lasted for almost twenty years. The tree stand has to be supported with a book, but the needles are all intact.

So, why a new one? I'm not sure except there's a certain kind of tree I'm looking for and it would look so good in here. The one I really want is $400 but I think that's kind of ridiculous to pay for something you're only going to use once a year.

Ah well...I'll keep you updated. Meanwhile...jingle bells...jingle bells...

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  1. Nooooo! Not Christmas!
    I'm not ready.
    It's about time for me to buy a new tree as well. I wonder if you can make one out of tin foil.

  2. I am so ready for Christmas. When we lived in Florida, it felt like we didn't have Christmas. Or maybe we had too much Disney Christmas. :) This year in the Pacific Northwest will be a nice change.

  3. Of course you realize that $400 today may not be too much different than that $80 was twenty years ago.

    I think that we will continue to buy a new tree each year as they would have really dried out and lost all their needles if we tried to save it.



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