Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 26

Some of you know that I've got to move. Before today, I had no way of knowing where. The landlord has sold the property and it threw me, really threw me. I think the fact that I only had 30 days to relocate was the point where I really freaked. It's not like this place has any options, believe me...I've been looking for the last 12 years for another place.

Days before I found out the house I had lived in for the last 12 years had been sold, my daughter and I were shopping in Bed, Bath and Beyond (a bomb of a store if I've ever saw one) for a bedspread. It was there she saw a CD with Feng Shui music.

I had heard of Feng Shui, but never really explored more into it. After listening to the music, my daughter said that she was going to Feng Shui her bedroom and leave the music running all the time. It's beautiful...flutes and everything.

Well, days went by...and we had no options except for this waterfront condo on Chincoteague (an island connected by a bridge to the mainland). It was expensive, but between all of us and because it was just the most beautiful place to live in I've ever seen, we looked into it.

More days went by and we're fretting...what if they don't accept us? What about the pets? What if we can't afford it?

But, that's negative thinking. I talked to every single spiritual being that has control over my well-being that I could. I said, "If we get it, it's because we can afford it," and that was going to be the reason they would turn us down. They had already said pets were okay with a pet fee, so if they turned us down, I knew we couldn't afford it.

Today, I found out we got the condo. I'll be blogging about it at my new blog at about how I'm going to start over and use Feng Shui techniques to totally redo my life.

I also wanted to tell everyone about an article I have at I wrote that when I didn't know.

So, today is the day I Feng Shui my life. For real. And I'm so freaking excited.

And that picture at the top of my blog post? That's what I'll be seeing out my living room balcony. Is that cool or what?


  1. Dorothy - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!! WOO HOO!!!!!! One thing I'll miss in Vegas is water - will be going to southern California beaches as often as possible.

    Atmosphere is very important to me and I think there's something to Feng Shui principles. I'm so excited for you and your family - a new start in a fabulous new home!!


  2. Thank you so much, Kathy! But...I'd rather be moving to Vegas! Not only is it a happening kind of town, but you're near CALIFORNIA! Hey, got an come see me and I'll come see you! Hahaha...

  3. The photo looks good and the place sounds good. I'll look forward to seeing some photos of it. With your new blog are you going to continue keeping this one up?

    Our local newspaper had a big article this past Sunday on self-publishing by their Features Editor. I tried to find it on their web site so I could send you a link but can't, at least until I hear back from the newspaper on how to find it. If I can't find it I can mail you the actual article but would need you to email me an address to send it to. You probably already know all she writes about but I thought you might also like to see it.


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