Saturday, February 9, 2008

This one's for you, Dick

I know that if you want to be in the Feng Shui state of mind, jealousy shouldn’t even come near entering it, but I am so jealous of my friend, Dick.

Read all about it here!


  1. I just want to sneak onboard Dicks RV for that AZ trip. I used to live in Phoenix and I am sooooo jealous! What a treat he is in for. As for the RV, don't you know you are supposed to let the sdignifigant other drive that big boat so you can relaz and look at the scenery? At least thats my plan when we get to the retirement age.

    I want to know how you found such an awesome place with beautiful scenery like that to move to so I can find a place like that too. We are moving from Indianapolis to the Eastern Shore at the end of the month and all I have been seeing online is not very scenic.

  2.'re moving here? Omg, girlfriend, we've got to get up with each other. Which part? The Shore sucks..sorry, but it pick waterfront. We can't afford to buy waterfront, so we're renting it. At least for awhile until we decide if we want to move off the shore in the future. I've lived here like FOREVER and I don't know how I kept sane. But this new's like a whole 'nuther world. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

  3. Well, I'd like to be going to Arizona, too, but we have decided to stay home at this time. The weather in the northwest has been bad, with many mountain passes closed by excessive snow & avalanches so we would have had to go down south via the coastal route. That adds at least two days and quite a few miles to the trip. We only had 3 weeks to start with so would have been cutting our time there very short with the prospect of 6 day drives both ways. The original miles would have been about 3600 and with the coastal route probably 4200 and at 8 miles per gallon of gas for the motorhome and at $3/gal, that comes to about $1600 just for gas for the RV. And I have heard it is closer to $4/gal in much of California.

    We were to have left last weekend and of course this past week plus this next one is when The Contractor who is building our sunroom was available to work on it, so that was another reason to stay home.

    We already have reservations at Icicle River RV Park in Leavenworth, WA for the end of April which is the time of our first anniversary. We went to that town for a short Honeymoon just after our wedding so it will be fun to return. We'll spend a week or so in Eastern Washington State which at that time of the year will be warmer and dryer than here at home, yet not so hot that Pat is uncomfortable. Maybe Arizona next winter.

  4. actually we are thinking about Salisbury. I was hoping for Ocean Pines or maybe even Snow Hill. We are going to live with the brother in law in Delmar until we find a place to buy or rent (another story). The hubby wants to rent for 6 months to a year until we decide where we want to live. I want to buy right away, with an ocean view. yeah, I'm a dreamer. ha ha. We will definately have to get togeather this Spring. I'm going to be taking pictures of Chincateague for a photo blog on the Shore I want to do so we'll definately get togeather.

  5. Oh, Dick...I was so looking forward to your trip, haha...well at least you have that gorgeous sun porch!

  6. Salisbury's nice, Oopsy. Got lots to do there. Malls,'s sorta a little city but without the zoom zoom zoom. Ocean Pines is beautiful, Snow Hill is nice, too. I don't think I've ever been to Delmar as a matter of fact, but I get to Salisbury at least once a month...I'm in love with Bed, Bath and Beyond, lol. I'm getting ready to post pictures on my blog of Chincoteague..just the few I have and later I'll post more so you can see what it looks like.


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