Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Madness: New Sofa!

It's Monday Madness day for Boomer Chick! Today, they delivered my brand new curved plush oh-so-comfy-soft wraparound sofa today. It's a tan brown and looks heavenly in the living room. My daughter swiped the camera so you'll just have to wait to see it. I got a good deal, too - they even threw in a 5 - light chrome arch lamp that I wanted and was the real reason I was in there, so I got a really good deal. I have to wait a few weeks for that since they didn't have any in stock, but that is really going to tie this room together.

Now, the thing is, this is HUGE and I can't get my glass-topped end tables on either side, so I had to put them on the opposite end of the room on each side of the loveseat I already had in there. Loveseat will go one day and I don't know where in the heck to put these tables when that happens, but I guess I'll figure it out.

What's crazy is that when we moved in here, I vowed I would have a moving company do it next go around, but these guys were BUFF. One of them brought in one section up a flight of steps all by himself! Wowzers.

So, anyway, the living room is almost pulled together. I'm trying to get out of the country look and into the modern look and my 6 foot curio cabinet looks so out of place. I took the country stuff out and put in nautical stuff and that improved it, but still.

I'll have pictures soon...maybe I'll wait until my lamp comes in. Last week, BF and I went to Dover Downs and on the way back, we stopped off in a furniture store that had these lamps for over $300, so I'm glad I waited. This was actually free!

'Til next good....signing off...


  1. Free is a very good price. It sounds like you are a pretty good horse trader.

  2. Haha...I didn't wanna....but way cool when I get the nerve!


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