Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Orangina - Naturellement Pulpeuse

Wow, this is so neat! Speaking of French, I have never been to France, but I remember going to Canada in my teens in the cab of a sixteen-wheeler. No shit. My step-father delivered produce all over the country and Montreal was one of his stops.

It was in the middle of summer, I was bored, it was a free trip, what can I say? My mother, sister and I traveled with my step-father all the way from Virginia to Canada and let me tell you, you haven't lived until you've slept with watermelons.

We stopped over in New York and because step-dad was so cheap, he figured a bed of hay was a good substitute for a nice queen-sized mattress. As if. I was never so cold in all my life. Although it was summer, New York can get chilly at night sometimes.

I'll never forget that trip. Summer of '69 or '70. Canada's border was spectacular...loved the streetlights. Once we were there and unloaded, Frenchmen were everywhere. Actually, Canadians with a French accent?

I flirted, they flirted, got in fight with Mother, walked out on a waiter when we found out how high the prices were, brought home midget coke cans out of a drink machine (that's before the States had them at Wal-Mart...did they even have a Wal-Mart back then?), got sick in the truck going home and generally had a great time. Doesn't that sound like the perfect vacation?


  1. That is a different ad. I don't know what the product is, though. Our Canadian neighbors are just like us. I think the French Canadians are pretty much a minority up there. But some of their cities out here feel pretty British. Especially Victoria on Vancouver Island.

  2. I did approximately that at age 15 (1945) and, yeah-bo, it WAS fun.

  3. Hi Boomer Chick - great advert. My kids love Orangina (but don't think they're quite ready for a bear in a loincloth!) Flashdance eat your heart out! Great blog.


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