Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

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What a year this was! Who said getting older was so bad? As long as you have your health, your ambitions, your goals, your passions, life is great. My kids are healthy, I'm healthy (well I could stand to stay off the sweets for a little while), my business is running great, I live in the most beautiful place in the world....but...

It doesn't mean a thing unless you feel it in your heart to love life for all its worth.

Life hasn't always been like this but I had a goal. Took me well into my forties before I realized what I wanted to be when I grew up. Sometimes it does take that long because a series of events must pass for you to get there. Reminds me of the song..."'s a long and winding road..." It sure is. But on that long and winding road I left a piece of me behind to remind me to never take anything for granted. Not your business, not your wealth, not your health. I am so thankful I am in the place I want to be. is not over, you know. The goals and dreams are just getting bigger, that's all. Hard work and a love for life, that's what will keep you alert and living a long, long time.

I'm sitting here a few hours away from that ball dropping at Times Square. I'm looking out my window and the trees are swaying in the fierce northeasterner winds that are ravaging the island right now. Across the street, the waves are rolling towards the house, but I feel safe. And happy. And loved.

My kids are the most important things in my whole life. I don't care if I starve, they shall eat. I don't care if I have to give them my last dollar, I am still happy. I love them so much.

And when you have love in your heart, you have everything.

I hope everyone is having a Happy New Year and are out there celebrating the arrival of a new year of hopes and dreams realized. I'm sitting back watching it unfold around me. I don't need the glitz, the pageantry, the pomp and circumstance.

I just need to

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy New Year to you, too.

    On New Year's Eve Pat & I went to the Singles group party here in our park. We attended those get togethers before we were married and they ask us to still come, calling us alumni. It works and for this event it was a five minute walk from home, with no driving, so we didn't have to go out onto the roads with others, some of whom probably drank too much. Of course we were home and in bed by 22:30 so the only way we knew the new year had come here was to listen to the fireworks.

  2. Lovely, lovely post. Hope you and yours have a wonderful year in 2009!

  3. Happy New and hoping next year is even better.

  4. Sometimes it's easier to dwell on what you don't have and you forget the wonderful things you do have in life.

    Morgan Mandel


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