Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Buy a Motorcycle for FREE on eBay

This isn't a tutorial. This is a real story that happened to real people. And it can happen to anyone.

Let's just say you are in the market for a motorcycle.

The first thing you need to do is have a computer with Internet access. If you don't have one, use someone else's.

The next thing you need to do is know eBay inside out and if you don't know eBay that well, get someone to explain it.

Okay so you have the computer with Internet access and you know eBay like the back of your hand.

Go on a hunt for a motorcycle and since you're getting it for FREE, it doesn't matter what they say is the going price. It could be a million dollar bike, that's okay, price doesn't matter because it's not going to cost you a thing.

So let's say you've found THE BIKE. It's beautiful. Hardly used, not a scratch on it the owner says.

Your next step is to bid on it and since you know eBay like the back of your hand, you know in order to get that bike in your possession, you must bid lower than everyone else.

As luck would have it, your bid wins.

Here's the best part. As the seller, he is the one responsible for getting it to you. This guy wants to unload this bike so bad he can taste it so when you tell him it's not but an hour and a half away from his house, he tells you he'll bring it and you both set up a time.

The day arrives. The seller arrives at the destination you both agree on and bike is in tow.

And wouldn't you know. The seller brought no one with him and you did and the ones you brought along were part of one of the biggest eBay scams online.

You jump him, take the bike and you're history.

You are now the proud owner of an almost new bike for FREE.

This is a true story. One of my friends got suckererd into this. BTW, thanks Washington D.C. police force for doing a great job not finding it by now.

I tell you this story because I don't want you to fall into the same trap. If you have to travel to deliver merchandise, take some protection and a buddy or two.

If not, the next victim might be you.

One more's a video showing you how easy it is to rip one off the old-fashioned way...just walk up and take it...


  1. I'm a bit confused though here. You said to do this, to get the winning bid, you have to be the lowest bidder. Wouldn't it require being the highest bidder. I can see how, in the transfer, the bad guys come out with a freebie but don't most people use PAY-PAL for e-bay transactiosn and doesn't the money have to clear to the seller too?
    Still and all, it's a darned good warning of buyer or seller beware!

  2. Oops, you're right! I have to slow down and not be in so much of a hurry. Highest bidder!

  3. The guys hadn't paid. But I will ask about that...that does seem strange.


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