Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is this early stages of Alzheimer's?

Okay, so I get up, right. I do my usual...walk downstairs, pour some pepsi, open the back door to let the view in, check the temp on the temp thingee on the counter.

I see that it is almost 50 degrees so I decide it's warm enough to take the dogs out for their morning constitutional.

Max is first. He's good, pees on everything in site, grabs a pine cone and comes back in.

Cassie is getting a bit older, so she's slower, but she pees where Max pees (dogs have terrific sniffers no matter how old they are) and we go back in.

Skylar is last, she pees, we go back in. But by the time I got back to the door to let her in, I notice something. My daughter's truck isn't in the driveway. And that's strange.

Her morning habits are get up, fix a Toaster Strudel, head back to bed. Watch TV, head back down to cook some bacon and that's usually when I get up with her.

But the toaster is moved and not put back and no bacon grease to be found, so she's in between Toaster Strudel Land and Bacon Land. But, her truck isn't in the driveway. Very very strange.

I start to kinda sorta panic because this is out of the norm. Something must have happened. She never goes anywhere without going through the bacon stage. Never. You think I'm kidding? I kid you not. You need to live with her.

So, the first thing I think of is her truck was stolen in the middle of the night. I throw Skylar inside, race up two flights of stairs, throw her door open, she's not in there.

I grab the phone and call her, hoping and praying she answers because this is too weird, something had to have happened.


"Where are you???"

"Mom, I'm at work."


"Uh, yeah, remember yesterday I told you I had to pull a 12 hour shift today?"

I wanted to lie. I wanted to say oh yeah I remember it, and I did suddenly, but I felt so damn stupid, you know? But I couldn't say, "NO, I don't remember it," because then she would really think I was heading into senility for sure. Decisions, decisions.

"Oh yeah," I finally said, "well, I just wanted to let you know I'll be having pork chops tonight."

"Sounds good, Mom."

"Okay, don't work too hard."

"Yeah, right."

I hang up and I do remember her telling me that. Now. I want to blame it on it being the fact I just got out of bed. That works, doesn't it? I'm NOT getting old, am I???? Am I????

Enjoy a nice little video about getting old...not that I am of course...


  1. Some how that seems familiar. At least once a day one or the other of us, and usually both, stop in mid-stride or action and ask 'What was I doing?'

  2. Naw, that's not a sign of aging! Just normal forgetfullness. Aging, senility -now that's when you pour yourself a cup of coffee, head to the living room to sit down with it and relish the flavor, etc., only to see you already have a fresh cup of coffee sitting there on the end table, beside your favorite chair and it's still hot! But, you have absolutely no recollection of pouring that first cup of Java!
    Now that, my friend, is pure senility.
    Not that I would know first hand, of course. (LOL and fingers crossed as I type this.)

  3. Maybe it's that Pepsi first thing in the morning. Even I'm not that bad. LOL!



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