Monday, April 6, 2009

Severe Thunderstorms, Casinos & Home Sweet Home

Don't you just love mother nature?

I'm under a severe thunderstorm and tornado watch and does it bother me? Nope. Still on the computer. Just hope one day I don't eat those words, lol.

I'm having a wonderful Monday. It didn't start out so great. BF and his mother were going to Dover Downs (casino, horse track) to spend a couple of nights in the casino there and BF's mother had to go and fall down. Now, I'm not a mean person, but why????

So, he calls me and asks if I can go in her place.

You would think it sounded like fun, right? Well, the last time I went, I lost $500 and it kinda sorta put a bad feeling in the pit of my pocketbook stomach.

I didn't want him to have to go by himself and it wasn't really the losing the money before that made me not want to go; it was just that I have so much work to do and I wasn't prepared. Had I been prepared, I would have probably just gone to just to get out the house for a change.

So, I'm coming up with all kinds of death-defying ailments when he calls me this morning to make sure I'm really going as I finally gave in last night and told him I would.

Then my daughter, seeing how infuriated frustrated I was, came up with a great idea. Have him go on up and I can get my work done on here, and she'll take me to the mall tomorrow to do some shopping meet him and he can take me on up there.

I can get my work done and be more prepared; hate those last minute spur-of-the-moment road trips and as for the money thing, I'll just spend it shopping before he picks me up!

Genius is my middle name.

So, I'm on here trying to get the tours lined up for next month, sending out promo for the authors this month and suddenly all my ailments have disappeared. I learned this trick when I was a kid and didn't want to go to school. Once my mother left the house to go to work, I was suddenly better and it was party time!

Hope you're having a great Monday...I know I am...NOW.


  1. So here I am listening to jazz and creating an online Help system for a gaming company here in Las Vegas writing about chips, pits, table games,player ratings. etc. and then I read your blog about going to the casino. Too funny! Life is surreal.

  2. I don't like gambling at all--but I write about the Indian casino that is near out house. I've been there to a couple of Chamber of Commerce dinners, to the buffet and walked around for the atmosphere so I could get it right in my books.

  3. Thanks for visiting, Kathy! I would sure love to be in Las Vegas right now!


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