Friday, April 10, 2009

Six-year-old Ping Pong Champion

This is, then I have a story for ya....

Okay, the story. Last Christmas, I wanted to get a gift for the kids that would be a) fun, b) remind them of the cabins we stay in when we go to Tennessee, c) something related to exercise and d) something the family can do as a whole during those long cold winter months that loomed ahead.

As this was our first Christmas in our new place, I wanted it to be special. After careful deliberation and precise measuring, not once, but three times, that perfect gift I decided was going to be...a pool table. But it wasn't going to be JUST a pool table, it was going to be a super duper pool table/ping pong table deluxe edition.

Ooooh, I thought to myself, won't this be so much fun??? And won't the kids be so excited???

It sounded real good until...we went to put the darn thing up and found out it took up half the living room. But I figured that once the Christmas tree came down, it would fit against the wall to be pulled out whenever fun and games were needed.

Well, guess what. It's been four months and do you know how many times that pool table which takes up half the living room has been used? I can count the times on one hand. Guess how many times the ping pong table has been used? Zero. Zilch zero zilch.

So I ask you, what was I thinking???

I hate trying to create a Norman Rockwell Christmas. And get daughter when she found out, do you know what she said?

"Mom, if I had known you were going to buy it, I would have talked you out of it."

Next year, they get money and let them buy their own damn presents.


  1. LOL! The next time you come south to Tennessee we HAVE to meet up!!

  2. LOL, I would LOVE that! How far are you away from Pigeon Forge?

  3. We have a pool tabel in the basement. We use it to put stuff on that we probably should have given away or sold in a garage sale.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. We have a pool table in the clubhouse that is setup all the time. I even bought my own cue stick as those there are not in the best of conditions. But I still have to remind myself to go over and use it. As to buying gifts for the kids, I have quite a difficult time doing that, especially for the grandkids. I've almost given up and just buy gift certificates. At least then they can pick out what they want and if they later decide they don't like it there is no one but themselves to blame.


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