Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Pains of Living in a Resort Area

He stops and pulls up a minnow trap. Man in pink shirt stops, observes, then carries on toward the end of the dock. It's misting; not the perfect vacation day for sure.

The first man heads toward man in pink shirt. They both pause midway the dock, man in pink shirt points toward the north, then they both crouch and peer over the side of the dock as if something caught their eye. It must not have been a fish as both head off the dock instead of the end where I was presuming, like a typical tourist around here, they think they can catch fish there (no. they can't.).

They're talking but I only hear bits and pieces as the gulls are loudly squawking overhead. First man picks up minnow trap and they file one by one off the dock, across the road and head back where they came from.

Another day of blasted rain, they both must have been saying.

The sky is darkening and it promises a great non-fun vacation day here on the island.

It is Sunday and hopefully all the tourists will be going home. It's not that I don't like tourists; actually, without them this island would be awfully boring. Maybe.

But now I'm getting the gist of why the locals dread them all year. They're LOUD. My dogs have not stopped barking since Friday and I know this is going to continue all summer long until they get used to the abnormal sound level.

We've had an interesting group beside us this weekend. Four guys who are obviously on a boys weekend out. All are slightly overweight and all have fishing rods permanently joined at the hip. They went out fishing on the dock yesterday but I would give you a million dollars to bet they didn't catch a thing.

They do have a boat which they so happened to dock at the slip marked with our 911 address. They ought to feel lucky the boat isn't up here yet, or I would have sicked my daughter on them. She's had headaches since they've been here and would love the opportunity to tell them off.

They've not been too noisy considering they didn't carry sound systems with them - thank God - but it's not been the tranquil quiet sound of waves lashing on the shore or the lulling cries of gulls overhead as is the usual sounds we hear when they're not here. No, their laughter drowned all that out. Or was it the dog's barking?

Anyway, it's Sunday and we're hoping we can go back to normal. Until the next time. The pains of living in a resort area.


  1. Geez, Dorothy, you have so many of those places listed under the "Kirtsy This -share/save" etc. that popped up when I finished reading your post, I had to close out of your blog, come back to it and then find the comment section in order to post a comment. And now, I forgot what I had intended to say about the "touristo" problem in your neck of the woods. LOL Where on earth did you find all those things anyway? And, if you got some type of response on each of them every day, how would you ever find time to get anything else done?

  2. The only "tourist" attacks I have to worry about are twice a year when NASCAR comes to MIS. Traffic is a pain! The main roads are packed and getting in and out of stores along that route is nearly impossible! I try and do all my shopping before those weekends and then just stay home.

  3. Had similar issues in Florida and here in Las Vegas. Bug the biggest problem with Vegas is that it's hard to find "normal" life - everything is in a casino - which are full of tourists. But it's also exciting - just have to hide out at times. :)


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