Monday, May 18, 2009

Women's Fiction Author Therese Fowler on Introducing WRITERS Radio Show with Kim Smith Tonight!

Therese Fowler, author of the women’s fiction novel, Reunion (Ballantine Books), will be stopping off at Introducing WRITERS Radio Show with Kim Smith at 8:30 p.m. eastern (adjust to your time zone) tonight!

About the Book:

Celebrity talk show host Blue Reynolds is the queen of daytime television—she is smart, funny, and as down-to-earth as her adoring fans. In the eyes of the world, she has it all. But no one knows about the secret she has harbored for the last twenty years—a secret that could destroy her image, her reputation, and her career. Twenty years ago, she gave birth to a son and put him up for adoption through illegal channels. And every day since, she’s been filled with regret. Now Blue has hired a private investigator to find her son, knowing full well the consequences.

You can visit Therese’s website at

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