Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Frugal Week

Helloooo...okay I know I haven't been updating lately.  Life is insane, but I miss my little boomer chick blog and it was calling my name I am.

I just got back from a trip to the Poconos.  White Haven, PA, to be exact and it was a bit disappointing.  I loved the fall colors, don't get me wrong, but the place sucks as far as having parks and that's what I really went for.  Four of them.  Oh, there were signs for them saying "up ahead" but once you got up ahead, nothing.  It was absolutely crazy. 

So I'm back home and I got back into my normal routine.  After my usual weekly Walmart trip with my son, I told him it was absolutely nuts at how high my groceries were for one week.  It's not like I was feeding a family of four or anything.  Every week it's around $200 and it's time to put my foot down.

So I told my daughter and my son my plans are that next week, it's going to be Frugal Week.  My daughter thought I was nutso and my son said, "But you have to eat."  Yeah, we all have to eat, but I'm going to cut my grocery bill in half.

My son had given me the idea when he told me I needed to look at my grocery bill and see what I could cut back on.  It didn't occur to me until the next day that he was absolutely right.

So I found myself already starting to do the frugal thing even though my Frugal Week won't start officially until Sunday.  I'm thinking that if I can cut my grocery bill in half, then I'll start being consciously aware of what I spend from here on out and possibly it'll creep into other things I can learn to do without.

For one thing, Walmart isn't the best place to do your grocery shopping has other things.  Like mascara. That was a whopping $6.00.  So, I won't be shopping for mascara next week and that saves me six bucks.  So far, I'm down to $194.  Looking at my receipt, $14.00 on a pack of pork chops.  I won't be buying them next week so now my bill is down to $180.  The hot dogs I bought weren't expensive but they'll last another week.  The beef jerkey I buy the dogs every week are $6.00.  I have some left over from last week so I'll use them up and not open the bag I bought this week until Sunday.  I'm still going over the receipt but I'll let you know next week how well Frugal Week is turning out. 

Is everyone's grocery bill high, too?


  1. I've been more aware of the grocery bill, too. One thing I'm doing is not picking up those things I missed when I went shopping - somehow I got through the week without them - lol! We also eat simply at home - just a small snack at night. And eating far less meat - you can really save there. I save my splurges for the weekend - either at home or usually out somewhere just for a change of pace. Here in California you have to bring your own grocery bags or be charged 10 cents a bag so I'm reusing a plastic bag I've saved. It's the principle - lol!

  2. I haven't visited you in ages, for which I apologize. Shoot, I've neglected my own blog, too. I sure hear what you're saying today, though. Every week is Frugal Week around here any more. Not only the grocery bill, but everything else as well keeps going up and up. It's terrible!


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