Friday, August 16, 2013

Life was good on the Outer Banks, NC

Two days is not enough that's for sure, but I just returned from a wonderful short trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I go every year--sometimes twice a year--and I still can't get enough of it.

We arrived on Tuesday and checked into the Comfort Inn at Nags Head.  We've stayed there before and I really love it.  We've rented houses before but since this was a short trip, we  decided to just go the hotel route.  They allow dogs which was a big plus.  BTW, Max said it was the best vacation he ever had.

As soon as we arrived, we headed to the beach which was just outside our hotel room.  Of course a trip to the Outer Banks would not be complete without a sandy jaunt to Jeannette's Pier.  You can't take the dogs past the gate but they can climb up the steps and walk around the wooden platform.  Max loved it but Cody hated it.  Actually he hated the beach.  I had to carry him the whole time while walking down the beach to Jeannette's Pier.  Here's a picture of the happy camper:

My my I do look great with no make-up and wind-blown tresses, now don't I?

The next day would be our only full day at Outer Banks and I knew I wanted to visit Roanoke Island.  I had been there before but I so wanted to go again.  There is a little shop off to the right just before the bridge that is called Shipwrecked.  It doesn't look all that great on the outside but once you go inside, it's souvenir heaven and the prices are really reasonable except for some of the exotic shells were running about thirty bucks.  I saw a couple of wooden pelicans I wanted to buy, but I had to watch my spending - so next time!

While on Roanoke, we walked the dogs down a trail, then we went exploring and saw The Elizabethan Gardens.  It was beautiful.

This above is the entrance taking with from the side and this one below is me standing in front of it.

Then my phone died and I couldn't take any pictures.  Stupid me forgot to charge it the night before.  But it was a beautiful and relaxing and I did not want to go home.  The people we met there were so friendly and I look forward to my trip there again next year. It's a shame I have to wait a whole year to go back!


  1. You do look so relaxed with the wind blown hair - love it!


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