Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What would you do if you had one extra hour a day?

I had an interesting comment from an author today.  I asked him if he had an extra hour to do anything he wanted, what would that be?  Here's his answer:

"Without a doubt, if I had an extra hour, it would be spent writing."

Oh, can I relate.  For those who don't know, I run Pump Up Your Book and it takes me 24 hours to do it.  If I had one extra hour, I would spend it writing, too.

Speaking of writing, I had one of my co-writers from a paranormal book we had written contact me.  Let me give you a little back story about this book.  We had it published back in 2006 by a new small press publisher.  This publisher ended up going bankrupt and taking all of our royalty checks.  We never saw a penny.  We have since gotten our rights back and the book has been in the back of my mind to get it published by someone else but again, there is no extra hour in the day, and like everything else that isn't tour related, it stays on the back burner.

So this co-writer emails me and the other co-writer (there are 3 of us) and tells us that she knows of a publisher who will do it for $15 a month.  I read that over three times.  Like, WTF?

I told both of them what in the heck are they thinking?  You can publish it yourself at CreateSpace for shit's sakes.  And keep all the profit.  I'm a firm believer in never paying to be published.

So after I told them about CreateSpace, they thought it might be a good idea.  So I set up a new Yahoo group for us three to hash out the chapters as we do want to revise it, punch it up, make it better than it was.

They can't get into the group so we're having to email each other which is a pain because the group can keep all the messages together  and I won't have to go looking for something, right?

So anyway, it was the weekend (this past one) and I thought I would take my only paperback copy and go through it.  I decided to go on and type out the words into a doc and that way I'd have it on files and I could revise as I went.  I wrote the first three chapters so I thought that would be a good place to start.  This so called publisher didn't even catch the typos.  I did.

But this is what revising, making it better, is all about.  

So Sunday night comes and I have to get back to working on tours.  I have tried to find a few minutes each day since then to work on this but it looks like Saturdays are about the day I can give it my total attention.

And if I had one extra hour?  Omg.  I'd be working on it like a banshee.

What would you do with one extra hour?


  1. I am not sure actually--am still trying to find a job for the 3 days lol. I am sure you will get it done!! Extra hour or not!! AND I can't wait to read it!!

  2. Hey Girlfriend - I didn't realize you were still blogging over here on Boomer Chick - looks like it's been awhile but hope you make it back soon!

  3. My boomer girlfriend! How are you doing Kathy? So nice of you to stop by and you've encouraged me to update the boomer chick blog!

  4. Please do - I miss you!


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