Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is it spring yet?

It's all the way up to 45 degrees all ready.

I hate winter with a passion.  It's not so much the cold (although I hate that as well), it's more about the psyche.  It's all about rejuvenation, waking up, ready to light the world on fire.  Spring comes in with a fiery passion sometimes but it's always welcome and needed and enjoyed.

It's only February 5 and I have a long way to go.  So I need something to look forward to, something to get me out of the winter doldrums so to speak.  So I have found a few things that help.

Funny Pictures
Poor snowman but really, do we need all this frozen white stuff all winter long?  Now, here's what makes me get through the winter:

Okay so this is a rather FAT picture of me taken a couple of years ago (I have lost it since then thank GOD), but this is trip to the Outer Banks started my son and I loving beach walking.  We have a thing here on the island.  If it's above 40 degrees and the wind isn't blowing, you better take a beach walk because it doesn't happen very often.  God I can't believe I was that fat.


Ahhh...Ocean City when they had their kites out.  I can feel the sand between the toes and the ocean breeze in my hair.

Ahh...a little skinnier, thank God, but this picture...this was the first cabin the kids and I stayed in back in '06.  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  Good good times.

What's not to like about NYC in the springtime?

 Last but not least...looking off your front deck and seeing this - my daughter with her beloved Sheltie, Skylar. These are the pictures that keep me going. 

So what helps you get through the winter doldrums besides a nice warm fire, a good book and everything above?

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