Friday, February 15, 2013

American Idol Rocked Last Night

While Idol hasn't been packing in the ratings it used to, the last two nights have sent them up the charts for Fox TV.  Last night was no exception.  Because I am a die hard American Idol junkee (no crack pipe can hold a light to my allegiance to the cause), I feel as most of you all do that it takes a little while to get into the show at first, then about when they get to Hollywood doing group rounds, you're starting to figure out which ones may or may not make it.  However, some will fool the hell out of you.  I never picked this girl out to be one of my favorites but she definitely is now.  Her name is Zoanette Johnson and I think a better way of me having to explain why she stands out is to show you her performance from last night:

Is she a hoot or what?  My predictions is that she'll go far, but winning?

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