Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm baaaaaack....

Happy Sunday to everyone and it's so freaking fantastic to be back! I let this blog go because one of my sidebars slipped to the other side so basically I had one looooong left sidebar and no right sidebar and I couldn't figure out for the life of me what I did or how to fix it. Had I thought for a minute, I could have emailed Zoe at Chick & Sassy a long time ago to save the day as she's the one who fixed me up here, but nooo I had to wait years down the road before duh it hit me, email Zoe!

Zoe fixed me right up, God love her!

Okay let me tell you why I wanted to resurrect this blog. I just went into the hospital (I'm fine!) for an ultrasound and they put a "scope" down my throat to find out why I'm having so much stomach trouble and they found out it's my gall bladder which I've got to have removed (really I'm fine with it...I just want to be out of pain!). Seriously it's fine because now I know and it's not the C word which of course I had that in the back of my mind. Before the tests, all sorts of things were rolling through my head as it would do when you're about to come face to face with your maker or so it seems at the time. Such a drama queen.
But that's not the main reason. The main reason was I was talking to an author about how I started this blog and when I had a book out, it really helped to sell it as I made lots of friends and when those friends found out about my new book, they bought it!

Here's the thing. I went over to this blog to see if the book was still in the sidebar which it isn't (must have taken it down for some odd reason) but one thing led to another and I landed on my links section to see just who was still blogging. What an eye-opener. One had died and several had stopped blogging.
While Zoe and I were hashing out the details of getting this up and running again, I started revamping my blog links so that only my favorites (some had died as I had mentioned but I still wanted to keep the links) remained.
Here's the sad thing about walking down that memory lane. It reminds you of how much time changes things. One blogger left one last message: I'm still here, but I need to know if anyone is reading this? There were no comments and that was the last she wrote.

So sad.

Of course one of my last messages was that I had moved to another blog, so I guess when people landed on this blog they thought I had disappeared too. The crazy thing is this blog is still getting great hits - from the search engines.

But the search engines is so impersonal. Why they are landing here is anyone's guess (not knocking it!) but where is the community I once knew and loved? Where are the laughs, the joys, the friends I would visit every day to see what they were up to?

Back to the tests I had a few days ago, when you are at the boomer age and things start going up on you, you reflect. I think that's what old ladies sitting on rockers on their porches staring off into the distance are doing as well. Reflecting.

Not that I'm old, far from it. I'll be the first to tell you if I ever have to go to the hospital again (which is coming up), I'm going to have my laptop strapped to me under the hospital gown.
And there's so much living I want to do.

I'm not ready to give up the ship yet and resurrecting this blog and rekindling old friendships, making new friendships, that's why I'm here. If you want to leave a comment and friend me, please do it and I will reciprocate as I love meeting new people - boomers and otherwise!

Okay gotta get some work done but it's so good to be back home.

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  1. Hey Dorothy, I just found you but you haven't been here since February! Hope all is well. Had a big milestone birthday this year - how could it be so? You're right - so much time has passed and I so miss the early blogging days of chick lit and hen lit and all of my fabulous online girlfriends. Where has everybody gone?


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