Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Games People Play

Quite by accident, I found a cool new game that I think you're going to enjoy. It came to me after getting out of bed, trudging into the utility room to start my laundry before I had to go to work at 4.

Here's a little background...

Character A is a hard working woman, pays 75% of the bills so Character B & Character C can have a roof over their heads and a bed to sleep in. Genuinely wonderful person—a little psycho perhaps—who would give the shirt off her back to her family; in fact, she does. Also acts as a referee and an intermediary between the conflicts of Character A & Character B as they play….

The Game of Who Can Get One Over on the Other One

How it’s played…

Character B buys fabric softener and hides it in Character A’s dresser so Character C won’t use it. The reason for his selfishness is because Character B feels Character C should pay more bills around here and going to nursing school full-time and working as a waitress one or two nights a week to pay her truck payment and insurance isn’t cutting it. Character B feels slighted because he feels that Character C is taking advantage of Character A who just happens to be Character C’s mother.

Character A goes into her dresser and finds said item, fabric softener. She knows who put it there (Character B so Character C won’t use it). Infuriated (and because she loves her darling Character C and feels she’s struggling enough), she pulls said item, fabric softener out of her dresser and puts it in the utility room where it can be shared and where it rightfully belongs.

Character A wakes up and begins to clean house before she goes to her tiresome job (remember she’s the main breadwinner, maid, cook, cleaner-upper, dog walker, dog feeder, dog cleaner-upper, referee and intermediary) and starts in with the laundry when she discovers said item, fabric softener is not in said position on the dryer and is not anywhere in sight.

Character A figures a) character B found said item and moved it to another hiding place, b) character C found said item and thought she had bought it and hid it in her room from character B (it’s happened before) or c) it grew wings and took off by itself.

Your mission is to help Character A decide her next step:

1) Look all over the house until she finds said item.

2) Tell Character B to move out until he can prove he is a grown up man and will be able to stop playing childish games with Character C.

3) Tell Character C to quite nursing and find a job that will be able to pay for her own fabric softener.

4) Admit defeat and fun away to a deserted island and leave Character B & C to fend for themselves.

5) All of the above.

Which should she choose?


  1. 4 might be fun but it could be more productive if A bought fabric softener, stored it in the laundry room for everyone's use and had a talk with B as to why A feels this is the proper thing to do. Perhaps A should also talk with C about maybe doing more of the chores around the house, in lieu of paying for some of the things while C is getting an education. That might make B feel better about it.

  2. LOL, I love your answer Dick. Whew...I've been wracking my brain over what to do about this. They act like children!

  3. I agree with Dick. If that doesn't work, I'd kick B in the bum, really hard. ;)

  4. 2 as long as the Character C is in School. Character C should come first. After Character C graduates, I'd vote for 4.

  5. I agree with Dick. However, I went to school and worked full time as did my dh (even during law school plus had primary custody of his son). Life is never easy. Character B is acting juvenile but I think Character C has it a little too easy. My mother was in nursing school while I was in high school. Although she didn't have to work, she was responsible for running the household and making sure meals were on the table.

    What I'm getting at here is that if we make things too easy for our kids, they grow up feeling entitled. I know this from experience because my stepson is a complete slug.

    Anyway, I'd go with Dick's suggestion.

  6. Hi Dorothy! Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been featured in a totally bizarre story on my blog. :-D Pop over and take a look.

    While you’re there you can also let me know what you think of my blog’s new design! :-D

  7. I suspect you wouldn't be asking the question if you didn't already know the answewr -- and just needed some moral support.

    Obviously B feels some sort of competition with C. Never get between a parent and their children, I always say. Blood wins out every time.

    Point him to the nearest U-Haul dealer...


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