Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jessica Faust at TWL Author Talks This Week!

Sorry I haven't blogged for days, but between trying to get some more writing done on my paranormal comedy (yes, a new book!), I'm moderating TWL Author Talks which is hosting the wonderful Jessica Faust of Bookends Literary Agency. If you would like to join (she's going to be here all week to field questions), go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TWLAuthorTalks/ and I'll let you in.

It's been an amazing talk so far. I asked her about the future of chick/hen lit, paranormal comedy and non-fiction relationship books as that's what I've been writing, and this is what she said:

"Houses are cutting back on chick lit. Ultimately when it first became
popular everyone--authors and publishers--jumped on the bandwagon and flooded
the market. Now it's only natural that the "strong will survive" and houses need
to cut back and move on to the next thing.

A lot of publishers are buying light paranormal, there are a lot out there
now. So yes, they are buying.

Relationship books--a platform is key and it sounds like there's one there,
but it's also important that the book itself have a fun and interesting hook,
something very different."

Ahh...so what they say about chick lit is true. Doesn't matter. I still love'em.

As for the paranormal comedy, I was delighted to hear they are buying. However, did you see what else she said? "There are a lot out there now." And she also said "light paranormal." Well, I consider mine light, not dark at all, quite the opposite, so that's good. BTW, I'm a third into it and it's a lot of fun to write...I don't think I've ever had so much fun putting a story together even though I suck majorly at fiction.

Nonfiction seems to be my niche, now let's just see if the agents/publishers think I have a fun and interesting hook. I don't really think it's a "fun" hook, maybe interesting, but not quirky, more down to earth. Wonder if down to earth is good enough?

Ah, only time will tell.

It's been interesting having Jessica explain what's going on--sort of like an insider's view of the whole scheme of things. She'll be here all week so if you would like to join the group, the link's above and I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the LA Times interview, btw! And how cool is it that you got the poop on what's hot/not from a reputable source!

    Good luck on the writing, and thank you for stopping by my little blog, and of course you can link me, and I will return the favor! I'm going to enjoy reading your archives!

  2. That is an interesting bit of info although I don't expect to ever be much of a writer beyond my blog and family history stuff intended mainly for my kids. I have sent your link to a gal in Eugene, OR who is a long time friend of my Annie's and through her, mine. She is a writer although I think more of plays, many of which have been performed locally I believe at the U of Oregon. She is also very into studying dreams and has a personal web site related to that. You might want to check it out at http://dreambjo.com/. Her name is Bev but she goes by BJo. Tell her I sent you to her site.

    I am glad to see that you & Vixen have made contact. With you going to Las Vegas in the fall I thought she might be a great resource for you since she lives there.

    You will post a link to that interview after it happens for us to see it, won't you?

  3. Thanks for the link, Dick...I will definitely check your friend's website out. I'm into dreams myself so this ought to be interesting. Yeah, Vixen is the coolest thing! I stumbled onto her blog today and just cracked up. Now that's what I love to read...something to make me laugh. I like blogs that make me sad, too. I read a really sad one today and just had to add his link to my blogroll. Anyway, yes, as soon as I find out when it's going in the paper, I'll post the link. Just gotta get there first. I'm so nervous. That's really far away but I know it's something I need to do. ;o)

  4. Thanks, Vixen! Man, if anyone is reading this, you really need to check out her blog..it's hilarious...really enjoyed it!

  5. Hi Dorothy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been poking around your place for about half an hour now reading your past posts, and have really been enjoying myself!

  6. I've been enjoying the chat with Jessica. I did notice she said chick lit "with more" is selling. So maybe my ms is a chick lit suspense - it's a mix between chick lit and women's fiction - who knows?

    But I've also noticed everybody and I mean everybody is saying "E" is hot. The idea that you have to write what's selling is so crazy. By the time you hear what it is, it's too late to get a book out there. Which is good news if you didn't want to write one of those anyway. :)

  7. Thanks Crazy Lady! I just sooooo loved your blog that I had to add it to my blogroll. Anybody who's crazy is all right in my book! I think I can sort of relate...lol.

  8. Hi Kathy! E? As in e-books? oooooooooooooooooh...exotica? Can't write the stuff. Too bad, too, because it is hot. And yes, I so agree...I'm thinking that chick lit with "more to it" is going to continue selling no matter what they call it.


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